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May 18th, 2008

Last post before the big trip, I expect.

I doubt I'll have time to post tomorrow morning... the flight isn't until after 10, but due to the tendency for things in my life to be screwed up, I plan to leave as early as I can to get to the airport. I should save time by not having to make lunch. I just check my E-mail one last time, maybe sign into the golf program, toss everything I need into the backpack, grab my last bottle of caffeine-free Pepsi for the road, put everything in the car, and go. I expect to have a working Internet connection in my hotel room, but we all know how much luck I traditionally have with that. Still, I've got a new suitcase, a new DS game, my last working pen (the good one I got for graduation), and two laptops to take care of this time... what could go wrong? See, I'm perfectly fine tempting fate, because I know fate ALWAYS screws with me, temptation or no. Fate has made me immune to the negative karma usually associated with taunting it. So there.

Today's Manga: Hayate the Combat Butler 7, GTO: Shonan Junai Gumi 7, Psycho Busters 3, Mamotte Lollipop 6, Kekkaishi 13, Tsubasa 17, and the first book of a series called Kamisama Kazoku (God Family). A pretty good collection. Shame I won't get to read most of them until next week... waste of cargo space to bring manga. I packed the two magazines that I put off reading, knowing this trip would be coming up, and the next two will be saved for the trip after that. Those are my light reading for in the hotel room, and I have The Year of Living Biblically (yes, I still haven't finished that), the first RahXephon novel (yes, that either), and just in case I manage to read an uncharacteristic amount (unlikely, as I'm making sure my DS has a full charge before I leave), Making Money (sigh).

Today's Anime: Best Buy had both seasons of GTO for $18 each, so I figured I might as well get those and a four-port USB hub (for ease of connecting multiple devices like my webcam, scanner, printer, and hard drives without having to swap) while Curt was picking out a new computer desk. And that was BEFORE I discovered that there was a new GTO book out. Odd.

Today's Game: Trace Memory for the DS, because I rarely go on a trip without at least one new game. I've finished the first two chapters so far. They're short, but it's an interesting game. Easy puzzles so far, but I'm looking forward to better challenges later.

And just to round things off, I bought six feet of bubble wrap (for me, not them) at Staples to give the government laptop a bit of extra padding, in addition to the clothing and the sturdier suitcase. I was hoping for something with a rigid frame, but that would be cumbersome and might cause the computer to be jostled inside. So many things can cause computer failure.

Portal fans: Check out this hilarious video. I spent the past half hour or so just watching amusing Portal videos on YouTube, but that one has to be my favorite.

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