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May 16th, 2008

Today's Bridge: I think Ken was offended that I didn't praise him for making a 5H contract with an overtrick today. Well, I opened with a club and he took it and led a club right back. Had I held a singleton club, which was actually pretty likely given the bidding, I'd have gotten a ruff. With five hearts in each hand and top honors, there's no excuse for not pulling trump. I make it a point of saying that, in some hands, the declarer actually seems to be trying to miss the contract given the play, and the fact that he can't is usually a testament to an underbid. I think praising bad habits would reinforce them, and that's not a value I can agree with. I meant what I said in the next hand, that if he made a 1NT contract, I'd heap praise upon him. He out-thought himself and ended up off one, but it was understandable. The fact that nobody would hold the king of K-x with the ace sitting to their right is something that just has to be discovered and remembered.

Today's Work: I think I did everything. I got the property pass and remembered to bring home both the laptop and the memory stick with the code on it. I printed my itinerary and brought that home. I turned in Brian's photo and short bio for the Wall of Honor. And I bought a suitcase after dinner, which should be sturdy enough to offer some protection and also less likely to shed straps in machinery.

Today's Dinner: Curt wanted to go to Olive Garden. No, really. He did. So we went, and we had a great dinner. It meant that I didn't even turn on my computer until after 9, but we saw napoleonherself and wing_zero_ew leaving Wall Market as we were heading in. I didn't recognize them at first, since it's been a long time since we last met and I have trouble remembering faces, but I heard them talking, and any conversation involving those two is distinctive enough to identify them instantly. Unfortunately, we couldn't stop to chat, as we had leftovers in the car and they probably had some perishable groceries.

So, not a bad day, even without video games. And I may try to fix that last problem shortly.

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