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May 15th, 2008

Today's Bridge: Paul and I took on Bruce and Ken, and we came out on top, despite an unfortunate 4D redoubled that was off one due to the expected bad diamond split and some unambitious offense. Paul missed the opportunity to play trump coups to pick up Bruce's trump, instead leading from his hand to set Bruce up for extra diamond tricks. We were fortunate in the last hand, though... Bruce opened a four-card spade suit in fourth seat (as an afterthought... his bid was more like "one clureoarearspade") and Ken supported him with three spades and eight HCP... off two was an embarrassing showing, and I only got the one guaranteed spade trick from my J-10-x-x.

Today's Work: I finally got to bring my code to the lab and test what could be tested... and aside from a few instructive moments of revelation about what the various signals actually DO (the names can be deceptive), we got the searchlight working. The gun doesn't work, but we suspect something in the hardware isn't what was advertised, or is what was advertised in one of the many descriptions we've gotten that don't agree with each other OR with what we actually ordered. No surprise there. But at least my travel orders got approved in the space of one afternoon. Government efficiency actually worked for once.

Today's Dinner: Curt and I joined the folks from CMH for BW3's boneless wing night. I thought the wings only came in groups of 6, but some people ordered groups of 5. Oddly, while I ordered six of one type and a dozen of the other, I only got charged for 7. It's not even possible to order 7. So I pointed that out to the server, and she brought the check back and said it was the only order in the computer, so it was what I'd be paying. She did what I'd thought she'd done and somehow rang in the dozen wings as one, so she fixed the bill and charged me the full amount. Then she brought me a $5 gift card for my honesty. The price difference for 11 wings at 50 cents each is $5.50, plus 7% tax, or about $5.89. So I lost on the deal, but I see myself as $5 ahead, because I was going to pay full price anyway. And when I declined her second offer for a refill on my Sprite, she offered to give it to me in a take-home cup. Can't argue with that.

The photos of my brother arrived today, in an envelope with cardboard inside to protect the photos from bending. Mom even wrote an abbreviated form of my address on the cardboard, listing "BLOOM" as the city. Neat idea, except that that could be any of three or four cities... Bloomington and Bloomfield are pretty close to each other, and there's probably a Bloomdale or Bloom City somewhere. There's a Bean Blossom. But it could be worse... I could live in Greenfield, Greenwood, Greendale, Greencastle... none of which are in Greene County. But the rant about Indiana cities and counties has probably been done before. At least in New Jersey, Atlantic City is in Atlantic County. And I don't imagine there's much to Cape May County other than Cape May. And no, I don't think there's a Bloom County in Indiana... but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

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