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May 14th, 2008

Today's Bridge: All wrong. Just all wrong. Out of all the finesses I attempted today, not a single one worked. Not a single one. That includes three in one hand.

Today's Work: I was supposed to submit some files for a lockdown by the end of the day, but got so busy with other things that I never got around to it. Oops.

Today's Gaming: More Folklore... Endless Corridor is okay, but it seems to go on for a really long time. I'm considering downloading the extra content packs... $18 would cover all of them, which doesn't seem like a bad deal.

Tonight's prospective anime: I'm finally forcing myself to push through the barrier... I'm watching more Princess Tutu. Honestly, the halfway point was ending enough. How can it possibly top that? Well, I'll see if it can, starting tonight, while the PS3 controller recharges and Windows Update won't let me install Service Pack 3 even if I wanted to. I went to the page that lists all the supposed fixes in the new pack, and it wouldn't let me scroll down. I think they're lying, and it doesn't actually fit anything, so they put a page in there that just freezes the browser but has a really long scroll bar to make it look like there are fixes listed. Thanks, but no thanks, Microsuck.

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Yes, I'm THAT Nidoking. Sometimes I write fanfiction... often I waste all my time playing video games and watching anime. But it's not a waste if I enjoy it, right? I can quote from a movie, video game, anime series, or British comedy apropos of just about any situation, and one of my main goals in life is to entertain people. (The other big one is amassing as much anime and manga as I can... see below for a progress report.) That's me in a nutshell. ("Help! I'm trapped in a nutshell! What a bloody great nutshell this is!")
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