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May 12th, 2008

"Its Shake 'N Bake!"

Today's Bridge: There was a big debacle of a 3NT hand where we had command of the minors and nothing in the majors... I had A-K-x-x-x-x of hearts, and Kelly was void. The bidding indicated a 5-2 split, so I had to save my good ones, and Kelly's first-bid spades were K-x-x-x-x. I screwed up and threw a heart trick, so we were off three instead of off two, but it didn't matter at all. Kelly made a go-it-alone 5C off a 2C opener, and then I had 4D with two overtricks on a 2C opener of my own.

Today's Work: More work on what should have been final documents... so I need to re-do some of what I've already done. And the final versions still have problems, but I didn't have the chance to try them to make sure. I revised my local copy, and that'll have to do. I'm going to get done as much as I can before next week's test, and whatever's not done will just not be done. This is ridiculous. The good news is that my habit of never throwing anything away has its advantages... I dug up the paperwork from my last trip to Dahlgren, so I have all the maps and contact information I need, plus the address and phone number for the hotel where I stayed last time. I don't know if the Internet service will have improved, but I doubt I'll have old ladies knocking on my door this time. Or I could stay somewhere else... this one was just convenient.

Today's Gaming: Folklore again, but also a test run of Heavenly Guardian, just to see how it is. It's not the most horrible game ever made... but the boss was a pain, probably because I'd forgotten most of what I'd read in the manual before I started playing. I think I can beat it next time, and find the secrets. Remember: Always read the manual before playing a game.

Time to try making another early night of it... 45 is under construction the whole way, and all they've done so far is rip up all the Botts' dots all along the road. One imagines they must be doing something pretty special to require tearing them all up in one day.

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