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May 11th, 2008

I spent most of the day playing Folklore, finishing Keats' third chapter and getting about halfway through Ellen's. I'm finally farther in the game than I've watched Curt play, and I happened to choose the path he didn't at the fork, but it seems to have come to about the same place in the end. Same Folks, same methods for victory... just probably coming at the story a different way. I saved before the fork so I can try the other way without having to start over, but I'll probably play through the game again from scratch at least once to see some of the other paths. Especially if I can understand the story, it'll be neat to see it again and see what I've missed.

I also decided to try fixing the sound problems in my YouTube video. I raised the volume of each clip to maximum manually, then deleted and re-uploaded. Unfortunately, when I tried watching it, I discovered that some of the clips I'd done in an earlier session were too loud, and the sound had been reduced to a buzz. So I re-mixed with those levels lower, and now it should all be audible at normal volumes... once YouTube finishes processing it. I'll wait as long as I can and try to fix the links before bed. Not that anyone cares... I think I had a total of 7 views between the first two uploads. Darn YouTube, not allowing me to update my own video without deleting it. I can edit journal entries and Yoyo games any time I want!

I also watched Life of Brian with the deleted scenes and another episode each of Tru Calling and Lucky Star... so it wasn't all Folklore. I just don't want to let that game go for too long, because I forget things. I forgot who Cecilia was, probably largely because I don't think she was introduced in the Keats side of chapter 3.

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