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May 6th, 2008

Still no time for news

Shame, really, because there are some great stories about the citizens of Lesbos suing to win back the Lesbian name, a kid mugging some undercover cops, and a guy who wants to change his name to In God We Trust so there will be one piece of paper somewhere that the damned Atheists can't remove that phrase from. But at least I can give you something to laugh about: The Chronicles of George. There's not much there, but if you've ever wondered why, every time your tech support call gets escalated, you have to do the same troubleshooting steps again... this is why. Japanese government officials getting demoted for 780,000 hits to porn sites (with the defense that many of those hits were multiples due to pop-ups when he'd only clicked one link) just can't hold a candle to George.

Yep, yep, nothing.

It says it's your birthday tomorrow, purpleparadox. Have a good one.

Today's Bridge: The opponents seemed to get cold feet, but it didn't matter... Dan and I swept the first rubber with a couple of 4S contracts, and that was all the power we managed to have all day. The opponents kept just making their contracts, and we were always just one lead away from setting them a few.

Today's Work: I finally got my new stuff to the point where I felt reasonably comfortable committing it. I think I'm going to request a peer review, though... there's a lot of code, and as I checked over it again and again, I kept spotting places where I used the wrong variable. I fixed those, but there are probably more, and it'll be a pain to try testing every case thoroughly on the actual systems... not to mention that I haven't implemented important parts that would be needed to run those tests yet. That's tomorrow, and I should be able to get it all done in one stroke, I hope.

Today's Gaming: A bit more Blue Dragon, but I didn't find much that was new. So I went to the last of the obvious sidequests, which I'm pretty sure would be even easier if I found more hidden stuff. It'll work, though... my characters are at reasonable levels, and I even managed to get two turns against that boss that tore me apart last time. Before long, I'll be able to do more than a total of 41 HP of damage to him. I'm not ready to start retracing my steps through the entire game on foot just yet, but it'll happen... I doubt anyone in the game will tell me where to find the three things I'm currently searching for. And I've been thinking that it might be possible to get back once I've passed the Point of No Return... as I call it. It worked for Final Fantasy 7 and 8, after all. But I have at least one more area to explore before I take that route.

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