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April 22nd, 2008

Philosophy in a vending machine, again

Once again, the Gatorade machine has been refilled. They brought back Raspberry White Tea and the Alive Wellness Nutrient-Enhanced Water Beverage (orange-lime), but no Gatorade. The guy who refilled the machine told me that the supplier ran out after filling the orders for the sports stadiums, but Jeff is skeptical. Then again, he's always skeptical.

The "infinity is bounded" coworker actually had a sticky note yesterday to prove her point by enumerating the rational numbers between zero and one. Never mind that I agreed with her that there are indeed infinitely many of them, I just disagreed that said fact proved that infinity is bounded. Well, I think the statute of limitations has expired and it's no longer "too soon", so today's Bridge game featured a number of references such as "Well, I'll give the other side infinity points for that... which is a rational number between zero and one."

And there was a small flock of turkeys beside the road, one of which seemed to have rather large, noticeable plumage. I think it might have been brightly colored. It looked fake, but I was driving by at speed and listening to Harry Potter's speculations on what Voldemort might know about Grindelwald, so it might just have been an unusually large turkey with a following. Maybe it's just there to prevent the rest of the turkeys from running into the road. I didn't see any splats, despite the large number of turkeys, so I must say I'm impressed. That's a pretty powerful suicide instinct they're overcoming.

I just realized how late it is.

No Riven tonight, I think.

Today's Bridge: We honestly gave it everything we had, except for when Paul didn't count to 13 (he started making triskaidekaphobia jokes) and Kelly later didn't bother to do the same and only made 6 on a hand that makes 7 thanks to two successful king finesses... bid 4 after Ken opened weak with 12 HCP (two A-Q pairs in four-card or longer suits) and six spades to one of the aforementioned A-Q pairs. Meanwhile, Paul made an aggressive 2C overcall with six of them to the A-K-Q and nothing else at all. I was forced to bid my five-card heart suit and then my six-card diamond suit twice, putting us in 4D with no hope of coming close. His clubs were great, but the opponents stubbornly refused to lead them and I didn't have any. Fortunately, Kelly decided she didn't want to take any trump tricks and kept letting me overruff her on Ken's spade leads. That saved us for off three.

Today's Work: Some more examination of requirements and discussion about why we're not meeting them. It's largely because I spend so much time discussing them instead of coding. There's a ton of coding that requires esoteric stuff, extensive mutex management (and while mutexes are a wonderful tool, using them properly without totally ruining your program is an art, especially in a time-critical application like ours), and constant additions to stuff we've already done as it comes to light that we need new execution threads, which means mutexes for stuff that didn't need mutexes before. Sure, most of the time, it'll run smoothly without them, but just wait until both threads raise alarms at the same time and I haven't prevented them from both getting the same alarm ID. Then we'll see what happens without mutexes.

Pretty much everything else about today sucked. I even saw a red bag and didn't get it. Need any more convincing that Albatross 18 hates me? My Spike went nowhere. Why do I even bother playing? No, really. Why? And who cares that Emma Watson is finally 18? I remain unconvinced that anyone who's seen the Harry Potter movies and therefore has any reason to care about her will ever get the image of her as Hermione out of their heads, so if they're really determined to see nude pictures of someone who's only just turning 18 at the end of the series... well, we already knew there were a lot of sick people in the world, but it just gets sicker every day.

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