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April 20th, 2008

Idea stolen from shachihoko

I keep updating my anime list with what I own (not that anyone ever looks), but I never keep track of how many of them I've watched. So, here's the list of those series I own at least a portion of but haven't watched all of. At least one is not for lack of wanting to... I've seen all I own of Death Note, but that's the only unfinished one I'm up to date on.

It's a long list.Collapse )

So there it is. 130 series or differently-named seasons that I still need to finish. And I'm planning to order more later today. Pathetic?

I might do something similar for my manga, but I've really been making an effort to complete as many series as possible, with the result that the list will be much shorter than it would have been a few months ago.

One of THOSE days... yeah, right

Well, I finished up Portal (plus the director's commentary version, which led me to an area I'd missed the first time through) and Myst (just filling the red book this time around... may go back for the blue pages, just for the hell of it, some other time), and that's about it for today. Speaking of Portal, those considering buying the game may find the following freeware game a useful trial to see whether they might enjoy the controls and idea of portals. It's a very simplistic version, but it was made by the same team and is the precursor to Portal: Nuclear Monkey Software's Narbacular Drop. Google says it's got malware, but Norton says the executable I downloaded is fine - click the "Digipen's download" link, because the one hosted on their own site seems to be broken. No viruses detected in either. I haven't gotten very far yet, but the game's fun and simple - no jumping or picking up objects like in the full Portal, and the graphical requirements are pretty light. No saving, though, but I understand that it's a pretty short game. Only six levels. Not that Portal proper was long. And no, I don't know why it's called "Narbacular Drop". I know the story behind "Narbacular", but "Drop" baffles me.

And so the whole weekend has gone by, and while I did a lot of stuff I hadn't planned on, I didn't accomplish most of the stuff I usually do, making it almost seem like the weekend was a waste. I don't feel particularly relaxed. However, the coming week should be relatively fun and interesting compared to most of my job lately, so maybe the lack of relaxation won't hurt me too much. Alternatively, I can do what I do every week and just deal with it, looking forward to the weekend to come, such as it is. Also, the big Anime Castle order I placed tonight should arrive during the week, which will give me plenty to do. The missing books of Ninin ga Shinobuden and Nodame Cantabile, three new books of Blazin' Barrels, the book of Cromartie High School that no bookstores ever bothered to stock, DVDs that never made it to store shelves, and an unfortunate wall of backorders of some stuff I really wanted. And Futari H disc 1... what are the bets that as soon as I get my hands on it, disc 2 will suddenly vanish from Best Buy? Anyone?

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