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April 18th, 2008


Seriously... I felt the whole house shake and turned on the news to see whether there's a storm warning or something, and they're talking about the shaking there... people all over central Indiana felt it, and I'd be rather surprised if the geological survey comes back with any other result. I don't imagine it was much stronger than one level of the Richter scale above the minimum that can be felt, but then, I'm way down here in Bloomington and they felt it up in Indanapolis.

Then the survey says... 5.4. And they felt it down in Evansville, which is almost twice as far south of us as we are of Indy. Well, good. Fault zones need a good earthquake now and then to relieve the seismic pressure... the longer it waits, the stronger it'll be. The upside is that I'm up now, and may as well pay attention to the news, as they said they're planning to talk about it, although I have no idea when that'll be. If nothing else, there'll be news stories about it later today or tomorrow.
Today's Bridge: We did as well as we could have, I think.Collapse )

This video is pretty cool. They play the Super Mario Bros. theme song with bottles of water and an RC car. For seriously.

Now off to play some Guitar Hero and see if I can tell the difference between "You Really Got Me" and "Love and Pain" within four measures.

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