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April 17th, 2008

On "Don't Forget The Lyrics", the "three lines" and "two words" backups together will ALWAYS be able to uniquely identify the correct answer. Having used both, WHY would anyone EVER use their third backup on the SAME SONG? And I thought I was dealing with some sad logic at lunch.

Today's Bridge: Steve threw it away in the first hand. Paul had set up the long hearts on the board, but the board was void of trump and just had the doubleton jack of clubs left as a possible entry. He led a low club, and I let it ride to Steve's ace, which is just general good Bridge practice. Steve, with a diamond and at least one club left, led... a low heart. The one lead that would utterly fail to set the contract, and he found it. This is why we count to 13.

Today's Moment of Stupidity: While I really try not to sink to the level of ID-butts by insulting them, one of them said something today that's so completely wrong that I have to tell the full story. We were having a lively argument over the movie "Expelled" and the difference between Creationists and wusses"Intelligent Design" advocates, when one of them said, as they love to do, that while she's never seen God personally, God is "evident" in the universe (and I didn't even point out that the word "evident" is almost exactly the wrong word to use... "apparent" is much more appropriate) because it didn't just start from nothing. So we debated briefly the nature of time and whether it necessarily even HAS a beginning. I compared time to the number line and asked what the negative number of greatest magnitude is. She couldn't answer that, so I supplied that the number line is infinite. She then said the stupidest thing I heard all day, and quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I can quote her exactly because she said it so many times, as if repeating it would make it any less stupid: "Infinity is bounded!" Never mind that the mathematical definition of infinity is quite explicit - that the set CANNOT be bounded, and in fact, the mathematical definition boils down to "every time you try to place a bound on the set, it turns out that you can't" - she still believed this. Oh, she had an explanation. "You have zero, and you have one. And between them, there's an infinite number of fractions. So infinity is bounded." I couldn't properly convey the juxtaposition of having an infinite (unbounded) NUMBER of elements in a bounded DOMAIN because her stupidity got into my thinky part and maked me unremember stuff... and because she obviously doesn't understand the concept of infinity at all. Mathematicians on my list, I know you feel for me. Non-mathy types may have to trust me that this is about as stupid as "is my right hand on the same side as my right foot?" While recounting this story to someone later, I had to go over the proof that there are, in fact, infinitely many rational numbers between 0 and 1 (simply, assume that there are finitely many and order them from least to greatest. Pick any two adjacent rational numbers [there are at least two: 1/2 and 3/4], and call them a and b. (a+b)/2 is a rational number between a and b, contradicting the established fact that a and b are adjacent rational numbers, therefore disproving our assumption that the set was finite), but proofs are actually fun when the audience is capable of understanding them. The definitionally challenged need not apply.

Then I watched that video where the movie star wants to get her millions of dollars and the luxury penthouse apartment or she'll cry... and the stupidity of that almost topped "Infinity is bounded". But not quite. This is a woman who freely admits that she signed the pre-nup giving her husband the ability to kick her out if she gives him a reason... and then she makes a highly-publicized video where she harasses him at work. If, as she claims, he didn't have a reason before, and that was the only thing keeping her in the apartment... time to pack your bags, bitch.

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