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April 15th, 2008

$5 sounds like a great deal, but...

... when they overcharged me yesterday, they took back the card to try to refund the difference to it. When they gave me cash instead, they forgot to give me back the card and I didn't notice. Fortunately, I stopped for gas on the way home today, had my credit card to pay for it, and picked up my card at Substandardway with little difficulty. I thought about buying dinner while I was there, since it was getting late by that time, but didn't want to try giving them money again... who knows what would happen this time?

Today's Bridge: I was out for the first time in months. There goes the streak. But I kibitzed Ken's hand and offered my advice after each hand, doing my best to overrule Dan when he tried to inculcate our poor newbie with "last hand" Bridge strategy. There are hands with which you should play the last hand in whatever fashion is necessary to win the game... and then there's the hand Ken had. Sure, I might bid a slam on the last hand if we need one and we've got a pretty solid shot at 4. If we'd be hard-pressed to take five tricks, I'd rather let the opponents declare a contract and lose with SOME dignity.

Today's Work: Lab testing at last, but without a radar simulator. So I didn't get to test much that I didn't already know would work. Still, it was good to see the devices behaving as I knew they should, especially when I didn't know which display I was using. It's always annoying to spend an hour debugging a problem only to find that the system was behaving exactly as it should, but relieving at the same time. I still need radar feed, though. (To be fair, there was a slight problem... I was missing a break statement, so after the system did what it was supposed to do, it printed an error message. Easily fixed.)

Due to the testing, I didn't get to make a news post, but perhaps that's for the best. My centerpiece was going to be a piece on J.K. Rowling's lawsuit against RDR Books and the maintainer of the Harry Potter Lexicon website, but the news stories really don't seem to flatter J.K. at all. I was all for telling her to deal with people making works related to Harry Potter, like the "Mysteries and Secrets Revealed" series does for anime and manga, provided that the book at least had the decency to feature the standard keyword "unauthorized" and a disclaimer that JKR had not given her permission for nor endorsed the content of the book. Neither seems to be the case, nor is there any hint that the "Lexicon" will do anything other than quote from the books in some organized format for easy reference. Read the lawsuit for yourself - it's actually not a bad read. Granted, it's also a one-sided perspective on the whole story, but it's pretty hard to imagine that prominent figures like J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. would risk putting those allegations into a legal document unless they were substantively true. Some of the language doesn't sound very legal, though... but I won't quote it here, because even though it's completely free and I'm adding my own pseudo-scholarly opinions and commentary thereon, I would still be quoting from intellectual property from which she intends to make money, and that seems to border on the edge of legality. Still, I have to point out the word "audacity" near the bottom of page 2. That's a case-builder right there. How audacious of those Defendants, DOES 1-10! Personally, I think DOE 7 is the most audacious of the lot... DOE 4 was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, I have a strong suspicion that DOE 5 secretly fancies DOE 1, but you didn't hear that from me.

So I'm thinking of skipping gaming tonight, like I did last night, in favor of working on some fanfiction. I figure I've got no choice but to put words at the bottom of the chapter until something happens, so that's what I've been doing. Someday, I may be DOE 42... that would be awesome, only not so much because I don't want to be sued.

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