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April 14th, 2008

So tell us, Willard... weather or not.

I'm wearing my light jacket because it's mid-April, and it's been very hot lately. It started snowing on my way to work. Granted, the snow melts as soon as it touches something, but why is it forming in the first place? I'm using the Sugar icon, not because I have cause to celebrate, but because I'm blaming her personally for this travesty of nature.

Speaking of which, was "weaksauce" a word before Contact?
Today's Bridge: We fought well, but our best hand was bid for 2C and happened to make 5 thanks to some flukes of distribution and the opponents failing to lead our weak suit. Our clubs were also weak... nine of them, missing A-K-Q-10, but the split was 2-2, so my six hearts set up while I still had entries to my hand to cash the long ones. Dan opened the last hand 3D, and with S A-x H K-x D x-x C A-K-Q-6-4-3-2 and favorable vulnerability, I jumped right to 5C. Dan decided to go back to 5D even though he had the 5 of clubs. We had three losers, one in each side suit, but the ace of hearts was favorably positioned and Dan had A-J-10 of diamonds with the missing honors split, so in clubs, we can make the contract if the opponents don't lead spades twice. I have entries to my hand to run the two diamond finesses, so if the honor to my left doesn't come out in the first round of diamonds, which it would be silly to think it would, I'll end up on the board with one good diamond to get rid of my spade loser. I think we're just off one in 5D no matter how it's played, because eliminating the loser from my hand only helps if I can ruff.

Today's Work: I got a lot done, despite having to answer some E-mails that wanted to make my job harder. One of the results is still pending until our developers' meeting this week. But I finished the work I was doing last week, as much as can be done right now, and a new feature that I just started today. The new features are getting tricky because I have to hook them into some mechanisms that take a lot of work to use, but that's the way this project goes.

Today's Gaming: I decided to go old school for a bit and have another go at Intellivision Lives. I played a bit of Poker, a round of Space Armada (I did better than I ever did on the real system, getting all the way to the aliens that shoot homing missiles... I didn't get all the invisible ones, and they eventually got to the ground), and a rather pathetic round of Thunder Castle. I think I just got a really sucky forest layout this time.

Today's Dinner: Taco Hell gave me another rough morning, so I barely made it to work on time. Hence, Subway and their ongoing $5 footlong sale for dinner. But as I watched, they charged my card $9.08. I thought there must be some mistake that they'd catch by the end of the transaction, but no. I showed her my receipt and asked for a correction, but she couldn't figure out how to do it, and when her coworker finally noticed she was having trouble, she was helping another customer. Not that either of them could do anything about it, so in the end, they just gave me the difference in cash. Works for me, although that's more coinage that will disappear into my bag of change of doom and never see the light of day again.

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