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April 13th, 2008

My food skills, let me show you them.

I was so busy recounting the restaurant story from last night that I forgot to mention my latest 何故何食べ物 (naze nani tabemono) moment. Still looking for ways to use up the bottle of barbecue sauce that's probably going to be at the center of most of my meal planning for the next few months, I decided to skip the usual Saturday fast food lunch plan and make tuna sandwiches, but instead of just mixing the tuna with mayo, I went about half mayo and half barbecue sauce. I accidentally overtoasted the bread, so it overpowered the taste of the tuna, but from the taste of just the tuna mixture I got... this is highly recommended. I didn't imagine it would work so well, although Curt tells me of a "Texas crunch" or the like which mixes tuna with barbecue-flavored potato chips. Interesting, but I can't imagine it would match the robustness of a straight sauce mixture. I'm not sure whether omitting the mayonnaise entirely and just using barbecue sauce would work very well, but it might be worth trying. I worry about the texture, though... the mayo makes the tuna easy to spread on the sandwiches, and using enough barbecue sauce to achieve the same effect might completely drown it. I might as well make a sandwich by soaking one slice of bread in barbecue sauce until it's saturated and putting it between two pieces of toast at that rate.

Okay, so it WAS a chalupa. Like I know the difference.

Not much success in gaming today, but at least it only took me two tries to remember how to play Eternal Sonata. However, I found a sleep mask buried in the cosmetics section, and though it's turquoise, I sincerely hope it'll help me fall asleep.

The Spiral manga continues to be much darker and more violent than the anime.

Here's a thought... I've seen some recent political commercials for Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, bragging about how he managed the budget and brought Indiana a huge surplus without creating new taxes or taking money from the schools. Well, I suppose the 500% increase in property taxes wasn't technically a NEW tax... and the news stories about what schools are doing to raise money must be some sort of exaggeration... but I don't think "My Man Mitch" is living up to the hype.

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