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April 8th, 2008

Today's Bridge: Steve and I took on Paul and Dan... not quite a triumphant return for my supervisor, but that wasn't really his fault. Steve and I had a sad moment when I opened a bit weak, 5-5 in the majors and a club void, and he jumped in clubs. Well, naturally, he ended in 3NT, but I didn't like that and returned to four of a major. The problem was that that we had two diamond losers, his clubs were masculine (K-J-10 high), and Dan had four trump. Off two, which really wasn't too bad a result. Then Steve wimped out and didn't raise my double diamond bid when the opponents cut in with random majors. We could have competed for 3D, and the hand makes 4 or 5, since I had 7 diamonds to the A-K-J (and I could have gone 3D myself with that, but Steve hadn't promised much power and I was looking at a potentially disastrous spade suit) and he had three to the queen. We had a spade loser and a club loser, and I think that's it, but given the strange splits, I'd give the opponents a likely ruff if they play it right. As the hand played, I got a club ruff when Dan didn't pull all the trump, and fed him diamonds until he ran out of spades. Off two in 2S, but I still would have liked to declare that diamond contract and finish our game.

Today's Work: The problem we noted yesterday may have been an error on our side - which is why I didn't want to send an E-mail to the contractor until we were sure it was their problem. However, the other guys insisted that I send it immediately, so I did, the contractor said everything looked good, and THEN the guy who'd been running the software realized that he hadn't put the right numbers in. Tell me, Mr. Babbage, if I put the wrong figures into the machine, will it produce the correct result? Fortunately, he took over the E-mail chain so I didn't have to try to find a tactful way to tell them we'd put them on a wild goose chase for the day. And they DID find a problem elsewhere as a result, which might be seen as a good thing. Meanwhile, I'm back to hooking messages into functions our software already does and then rewriting them to work the way we need them to. It gives the word "reuse" a whole new meaning. Basically, we're not reusing much when you account for all the changes. But this is what they insisted on, and what our management decided to sign us up for.

Today's Gaming: I chose The Two Thrones today, and had plenty of fun exploring some relatively annoying areas and finally almost getting a speed kill right. I also caught some of a hidden camera show called "Just For Laughs", which was pretty good. Didn't pay much attention, though... sand creatures to fight and all that.

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