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April 6th, 2008

With the taxes behind me, I felt a lot better about playing games today. I made a lot of progress in Brawl and got to see the actual gameplay in Mana Khemia. The "class" idea is pretty neat, but it seems like the enemies are pretty strong compared to the characters in the early going, and leveling up depends on creating items from recipes to unlock upgrades (rather similar to the upgrades in Final Fantasy 10 in some respects), so fighting doesn't do much but cost HP and give me a few more ingredients. The synthesis system is similar to Ar Tonelico's as well, but you can choose from a list of similar ingredients for each component, and you attribute an element to each ingredient from a rapidly spinning wheel, but there's no explanation (as far as I've found) of how that's supposed to work. All I've managed to do is reconfigure all of my Heal Potions so that they've lost the HP+(S) ether, which means that I can no longer add the small health upgrade to objects made from Heal Potions... not that I've found any recipes that use Heal Potions yet. But I stopped playing after finding a mini-boss (optional, fortunately) that seems way too hard to be fighting just yet. If I can't kill something in five attacks, and it's an essentially random encounter, I'm not wasting the HP. At least I know I can always buy Carrotatoes. That's a plus.

Is anyone here responsible for this? I'd have deleted it like I deleted all the other spam comments I've gotten recently, but they seem to have forgotten to post the link to the porn or virus.

Okay, time to legitimately link to a game that's better than mine, not that anyone clicked on the last one I posted. You Have To Burn The Rope. Give it a try. The best part is how many links are related to it.

The big news today is that I remembered to buy jellybeans. That doesn't happen often.

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