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April 5th, 2008

Today's Manga: A lot of unexpected finds, considering that I thought I had everything Viz was releasing this month. There was an entire line I hadn't seen, plus new Tokyopop releases. I found Inu-Yasha 33, Law of Ueki 11, Red River 21, Princess Resurrection 3, Hana Yori Dango 29, Elemental Gelade 7, Grenadier 6, Zatch Bell 18, and O-Parts Hunter 9. Strangely enough, I also decided to check out some new series: The Third, Nightmare Inspector, Mamotte Shugogetten, and both books of Infinite Ryvius, because I've heard of the anime and the two-book set was about the price of a single book. With my Best Buy coupon, I bought the first season of Tru Calling (I saw a few late first-season episodes and a bit of the second season, but this is my first time watching it from the beginning), the XXX-Holic starter kit, and a PS2 game called Mana Khemia which seems like it's going to resemble Ar Tonelico - but I haven't gotten very far yet, since it shares Ar Tonelico's incompatibility with my 32 MB memory card (although, fortunately, it doesn't seem to have corrupted any of the existing files yet), and when I swapped in an 8 MB card, it wouldn't save to that either. I finally started over, skipped quickly through the dialogue while watching Tru Calling, and made it to the save point with the 8 MB card in the slot from the start. This time, it worked, but I didn't feel much like continuing at that point. Maybe another time.

Today's Gaming: More Blue Dragon sidequests. I figured out the strategies to beat some VERY difficult enemies (enemies absorbing almost every kind of damage = NOT COOL!) and unlocked a few achievements. I've got some rare items and accessories, more ranks of Generalist for the two characters who haven't yet mastered it, and all but one of the spells. I know of two areas I still need to visit, one of which is the final boss, and the other will be much easier if I can find more sidequests first. Still plenty to do, if I can locate it all. I didn't bother to watch the anime because I'm afraid of the English voices. I'll probably get the DVDs... did anyone watch it to see if it's any good?

Today's Taxes: I finally buckled down, stopped procrastinating, and filed my taxes. Not nearly as painful as I was expecting, because H&R Block accepted the data from my HSA contributions online (although I had to guess at how to fill out the form, since that's the one they don't send until May), and I'll be getting refunds on both federal and state taxes this year. Toss in the Homestead credit for making the deadline, and I've got a pretty grossly inflated income to report next year. Oh well.

Today's Dinner: We went out for takeout Chinese, since it's been a very long time, and the guy taking the order didn't seem to understand that "boneless" wings meant the ones without bones. Yet after I explained what I wanted, it was "boneless wings" rung up. Sheesh! Still, it's the city administration that takes the cake for failing to warn us that there was a mini-marathon going on today. They always block us in completely for those, making it nearly impossible to get between our subdivision and anything in the city worth visiting. The streets are supposed to be open in one direction, but from the look of the intersection I finally managed to reach, it didn't look like I'd be let through that way. I don't understand it. I don't care what cause they may be running for (unless it's "just for fun", in which case, I think it's about time they all develop something that demands even more running to find a cure for it), I don't think anyone's going to drop dead during the course of the race if they have to jog in place for a few minutes while waiting for traffic to clear. How about a run to fund proper sidewalks along the mini-marathon route so they don't have to get the entire Bloomington police force to prevent people from running them over? Seriously... closing the roads is probably their biggest danger, as it increases my desire to ignore the signs and run some of them over just for getting in my way. Now THAT'S a fun run. But no, I wouldn't really do that. The surviving runners would swarm, and they'd be worth more than 16 first graders. Also, my car would never be clean again, and that paint job's probably really expensive.

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