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April 3rd, 2008

Last day of lab work... maybe

We fixed some of our (their) biggest problems, found the causes of some others, and had an all-day meeting to discuss some concerns and strategies. My big concern was alleviated when I explained why things wouldn't be as simple as claimed, and management finally agrees that we just don't have the time to work out all the issues right now. That leaves me slightly more free to work on the things we do need to get done. One more month, approximately, before the next test, which will require travel. I can't imagine I'd be left behind on this trip. I may need to buy myself a good suitcase.

Today's Gaming: About a solid hour of Guitar Hero 3 on hard. After I managed to overcome my block on Talk Dirty To Me, I started doing pretty well - as in finishing songs. I wish the game would feature ratings lower than three stars, because then getting three stars would be an accomplishment and not feel so dirty. I feel like I'm cheating by completing these songs when I'm playing so horribly, fumble-fingering the easy parts, and relying on star power to get me through solos I don't think are possible. I got four stars on one of them, though. Sunshine of my Life, probably. A few others took me two tries, but then again, this was my first time playing most of them, so I don't expect to be acing them. Aside from my policy of always holding myself to the highest standard and considering anything less than perfection to be utter failure... but after having such a hard time with Mississippi Queen on Medium difficulty, I was surprised at how easy it was on Hard. I could probably score five stars with a bit more practice on that.

Tomorrow could be another late day, depending on whether everything I need to get done goes smoothly - we may have some CVS version issues, since someone checked in code that's extraneous to what we did in the test, although it technically shouldn't cause any major problems. It just isn't what we were running in the lab, which probably means we don't want to send it to the CM people. I'll find out how we'll deal with that tomorrow. But after today's meeting, I feel a lot better about many aspects of the project, and that will help more than most of you might realize. Not that many of you probably care, but there you have it.

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