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April 1st, 2008

No time for jokes today.

Happy tomorrow birthday to pirogoeth... I don't think I hear much from you, but I know you're out there.

So here's the rundown of my work day. I got in a tiny bit earlier than usual, but after checking out a new copy of our code and loading it on my laptop to take to the other building, I was almost late. Late being relative, of course, as we had visitors from Virginia and California coming, and we needed lab setup time. Naturally, today was the day the gun quit working properly - it would move up, but not back down. The searchlight started having a similar problem, but we've seen that a lot, and replaced the new executable with an old one that solved the problem. We also had our USB hand controller working, and Keith brought a gamepad for the other console, just so we'd have two. It's really fast, though. That causes problems, so it's fortunate that it's only temporary. Then everyone arrived, and we started setting up with some lively background discussion about some of the "wonders" of our new "magic bullet" messaging system, and how our management loves to present the wonderful technical solutions it offers without checking with technical people to make sure they'll actually work that way. We said we couldn't meet a requirement. Management heard about a feature of the messaging system, was assured that it would solve our problem, and told the customer that we'd be implementing the requirement after all and using this solution to do it. That was the first I heard about it... and it's very, very, very, very, very, VERY wrong. I cannot possibly stress just how wrong it is. Absolutely brimming over with wrongability. I'm working on making sure all the engineers know so that when we present our findings to management, we'll all be united. Everyone but me (and possibly some of my close associates) LOVES the messaging system and would probably tell management that I'm wrong if I don't get to them first. (This is why you let engineers talk to marketing and then present to management. NEVER, EVER let management anywhere near marketing.) Then we got everything installed, and one of the parts that was to be the backbone of our testing kept crashing. It ran fine on its own, but if we started our process along with theirs, theirs would crash quickly. A few hours later, we'd narrowed down a few problems and easy ways to cause them, and I had a pretty good idea what the cause of at least one might be. We called their home office for a bit of a conference, and got back to work on some other issues. There were two typos in my stuff, both easily fixed once I determined where they were. And there are still some issues with environments and some messages that we didn't get to test until the end of the day, but that's why we have another day of testing plus a bonus day of showing our stuff to the testers. It was a very long day, and I had Subway for lunch, since the contractors didn't know where the Subway was and I couldn't ride in their car. (Not according to the last rules I heard, anyway... everyone thinks it's silly, but I abide by it. It's probably an insurance thing... like our insurance covers contractors, but theirs doesn't cover us.) So I grilled my lunch sandwich for dinner and heated up the leftover habañero wings to go with it. Not bad.

Today's Gaming: I think I've got my elevators working just the way I want them now. There may be a few interactions with things I haven't considered, but they seem to have everything they're going to need to be incredibly useful in level design. Now I need to decide whether to make pushable blocks next, or do something like switches that would open up even more possibilities. Then again, stuff like this really puts me to shame. Even if you only compare my game to the world of 2-D platformers, I don't think I can come up with something to match THAT level of awe-inspiring magnificence. But I won't quit... my game will be well-known someday.

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