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March 24th, 2008

Today's Bridge: It all hinged on Paul being able to guess which ace I was most likely to have: hearts or spades. Dummy had bid spades early in the auction, and was showing four small spades and the K-x of hearts. I think general principle would be to lead a spade, but Paul chose a heart. By the time I got the ace of spades to lead a club into the void I knew he had, he was out of trump, and the opponents made a game contract. We managed two separate partscores, but it wasn't enough to bridge the gap.

Today's Work: I have about three different documentation deadlines tomorrow. I HATE documentation!

Today's Gaming: A bit of golf... I managed an Albatross on West Wiz 18, but it was a coincidence - second bounce. It still counts, but I much prefer when it rolls in, because that means it was aimed correctly rather than taking a lucky bounce. No console play yet, but I have nothing to do in the short term, so I may get back to Guitar Hero. After a few more songs last night, I was actually starting to get comfortable with Hard mode. Nowhere near performing well, but I complete songs and sometimes even have nice long runs of no misses. I really wasn't expecting to pass Less Talk More Rokk, for example, but I did it. (It's expert mode where it's all fast runs.) Trogdor, on the other hand... I can almost make it to the first part, where the notes start, but I fail miserably. I think it's just that the first few songs are really hard... I could probably actually get four stars in Surrender with a bit more practice. But my strategy will be to continue unlocking more songs to get more practice on a wider variety of styles, and more general familiarity with sliding my hand to hit unexpected notes. I need to get used to what happens when my index finger is on the red fret, or in extreme cases, the yellow fret.

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Yes, I'm THAT Nidoking. Sometimes I write fanfiction... often I waste all my time playing video games and watching anime. But it's not a waste if I enjoy it, right? I can quote from a movie, video game, anime series, or British comedy apropos of just about any situation, and one of my main goals in life is to entertain people. (The other big one is amassing as much anime and manga as I can... see below for a progress report.) That's me in a nutshell. ("Help! I'm trapped in a nutshell! What a bloody great nutshell this is!")
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