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March 20th, 2008

Today's Bridge: Dan and I bid and made a game in hearts. That was what did it, mainly. Dan did double what I thought was a makeable contract for the other side, but he had some power I hadn't expected, and they were off two. They finally went for a 3H contract that wouldn't have given them the rubber anyway, but we set them.

Today's Work: I had a silly error in my code, but there were errors in the code I was running against too. We fixed them, and things look really good now. Unfortunately, once we committed our changes, the team lead started having problems with the makefile. It declared itself incapable of finding a target that was right there, but after a few tries, it finally worked. I have no idea what happened.

Today's Dinner: I was late enough, having slept through my first two alarms and barely woken up (is that even a word? I have no idea what the past perfect tense of "wake" is, if there is one) in time to hear the third, that I decided to hit the Hell for dinner. Taco Hell, that is. Last week, they gave me a Cheesy Gordita Crunch that didn't have the gordita shell, so I was expecting something screwy again this week. They didn't disappoint. The cashier rang in my Cheesy Gordita Crunch as a Crunchwrap Supreme, and I didn't notice until I got the bag. Fortunately, they're the same price, so they just gave me what I ordered and let me keep the wrap. I don't mind the mistakes so much when I get enough food to make two meals. I recommend Taco Hell for those who don't want to pay for all the food they get. And I drank the whole cup of Mountain Dew, so it'll be interesting to see whether I wake up even later tomorrow, or actually get a good night's sleep. I may be switching back to caffeinated soda if this works. I doubt it will, though.

Today's Gaming: No golf... no idea where Mom is. Probably went to bed early. I worked on my old game for a bit (yep, it's still there... it just took me a while to figure out how to make some of my mechanics work properly), but I still have time to play something before bed. I could go for just about any of my current games - Two Thrones, Ratchet Future, Folklore, Blue Dragon, or Brawl... but I've been wanting to get back to Sorcerer's Stone for a few days, and there's still Guitar Hero to practice vigorously and fail miserably. Though the poor chickens have suffered enough, I must press on!

As for the vehement post about the Day of Truth earlier today, I have some rhetorical questions that I think all of those too-religious folk who have problems with homosexuals should answer:

Cut because it's long, but I urge everyone to read it... if it doesn't apply to you, you probably know someone it does apply to.Collapse )

I hope I've made my point clear. I'm very open to debate on the subject, although I think everyone who bothers to read my journal already agrees with me on the subject. Feel free to pass links to both of these posts to anyone, anywhere... I've got an open journal for a reason. Remember, speech is free, but that doesn't mean free from consequence. I will defend to the death your right to say whatever you want, but if someone asks me who the idiot was who said something stupid and obviously wants a severe beating, I'll point them to you and step aside to let them carry on with it.


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