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March 16th, 2008

Spent more time out of town than I expected

Today's Manga: Yakitate JaPan 10, He Is My Master 3, iD_eNTITY 11 (took long enough!), Puri Puri 4, Mamotte Lollipop 5, Boys Be 16, and the first books of Fujoushi Rumi and First Love Sisters... yeah, I know. I really do. I also got Shadow Hearts: Covenant, because I found a copy with case and manual. Lucky day!

So the plan was to meet Chris at the Cat-A-Corner diner in Sullivan, have breakfast, then head up to Terre Haute for a while until he could meet up with Jade and recover the car. Most of that went okay, but Chris's phone went dead, so he didn't get Jade's call that she wasn't going to wait for us and figured it wouldn't be too far out of our way to go BACK to Sullivan to drop Chris off. Except it is. I got to visit the rest of the family while I was there, though, so it wasn't a loss. And some things were paid for, which was nice. I even got some new work clothes and a spare pair of sneakers at the Steve & Barry's $8.98 sale. Some things were even cheaper - T-shirts were 2 for $15, so I bought two.

We ate a quick meal at Burger King, where they didn't bother to cook the bacon (well, it was better cooked than the IHOP bacon, but I suspect most of the color came from the barbecue sauce), so we supplemented it with dessert at DQ. I should have gotten a coney dog, though... by that time, it was a bit cold for ice cream.

And I finally restored my party to proper fighting condition in Blue Dragon. Now working on that last missing detail... and on recovering the accessories that were eaten by a twisted game mechanic, but seem to be restorable with enough patience.
Today's Manga: Kashimashi 5, Strawberry Panic 2, Getbackers 23, Alice on Deadlines 2, Gacha Gacha: The Next Revolution 6, Nodame Cantabile 12 (I doubt they ever plan on getting book 11 in stock), Fruits Basket 19, Gakuen Alice 2, Me and my Brothers 3, Fullmetal Alchemist 16, and the first book of Futari H a.k.a. Manga Sutra. Mostly because I expect it'll make a decent "how-to" book. I know that's sad, but what choice do I have? I also picked up the new PS2 port of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, and a few Blu-Ray and HD-DVD movies.

Today's Gaming: I gave Shadow Hearts a try... I think I screwed up so badly at the start that it'll be worth starting over. It's THAT hard to jump into. Then hours upon hours of Blue Dragon, mostly in pursuit of a single objective... which turned out to be incredibly disappointing. But I did come to an important realization... Total Guard is almost a waste without Absolute Counterattack. MUCH better.

I even got my hair cut today. Not bad.

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