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March 14th, 2008

Okay, I caved.

Food doesn't taste that bad, actually. I'd forgotten. Still, I'm disappointed that my hunger strike is over so quickly. I could have kept it up, since I wasn't really that hungry to begin with and it would always go away after a few minutes, but I figured I'd probably better eat something. I brought a lunch and didn't want to waste MORE food.

Okay, maybe not quite as bad as ALL that...

Today's Bridge: Bruce threw me to the floor and stomped on me vigorously. Fearing a crossruff in a 2C contract we didn't belong in, I tried to avoid losing an early club trick while pulling trump and managed to set up a defensive crossruff. Also, none of the finesses at all worked. Eventually, I managed to make a 1C I also didn't belong in. The other side, meanwhile, put together a game in addition to setting nearly everything we tried. I managed to be off only one in a 3H contract where I really wanted to be in 3S, somehow, and that was the high point for us.

Today's Work: Finally resolved those problems on the old project. It seems that, in addition to playing fast and loose with our carefully-written scripts, they were sending track data to the wrong hemisphere. Oops. No wonder it didn't show up on the scan. With all the distractions, I didn't get much done on the real project, but that's hardly unusual.

Today's Dinner: For some strange reason, I didn't feel much like lasagna, so Curt and I went to Taco Bell. They forgot the outside of my Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but I didn't notice until I got home and it was a lot thinner than expected. So I went back for a replacement, and they let me keep the queso-taco as well. So I got significantly more food than I usually get, and managed to eat it all. I guess the hunger strike ended up having no effect at all. Oh well.

When I first considered RalGrad, I didn't really consider the art of Takeshi Obata to be much of a plus. Sure, I loved Death Note, but I thought that was because of the story. While it was, I just hadn't considered how much the mood of the art contributed to the story. Ral looks so much like L it's funny, and juxtaposing his very L-like eccentricity with his very un-L-like affection for the ladies creates a very weird character. In short, I don't typically go for series just because the artist (who isn't the author) is the same, but in this case, I can appreciate the effect. I suppose there are shades of Hikaru no Go in there too, obviously, but I didn't really notice that while I was reading. As for the story itself... it's based on Blue Dragon in that shadows come alive, but the shadows in RalGrad develop personalities. The main character had one of the earliest known living shadows, so he was sealed in a lightless prison with only his tutor for occasional company, so he knows little of the world. His discovery of the soft parts of women is the driving force behind his personality, and he's devoted to defeating the shadows before they can kill any more women. (Of course, since the leader of the evil shadows has been eating the most beautiful women to become a beautiful woman herself, he wants to do some other things to her before he kills her.) He gives the innuendo in the phrase "tit for tat" new life. It's an awesome experience that I can't recommend enough. At least for now... I'm only one book in, and I believe it'll be four books long.

I also watched as much as I could of The Return of Jezebel Jones... for whatever reason. I missed large chunks of it due to circumstances beyond my control, but what I saw was pretty funny. Tell me how ashamed I should be, because I have no clue.

Might have an early morning tomorrow, so I'll skip the rant tonight (the next request is a threefer) and catch up over the weekend. Terre Haute trip tomorrow, with a probable detour to Sullivan, so it's cheap gas anywhere I can find it for the ultimate win. And my HDMI cable arrived today, so I've got the DVD player back up and the PS3 on the screen it was always meant to be on. Yay Folklore! But probably Guitar Hero tonight, if anything... if I can finish Medium mode on 2 as well as 3, I might just start over on Hard and see how it goes. Need to improve my performances on a few recent songs, though... I should have been really tired while playing them, and I was convinced I'd do better with another chance.

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