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March 13th, 2008

Today really sucked.

But tomorrow is breakofdawn's birthday, so... hope all the good stuff that didn't happen to me happens to you instead.

Today's Bridge: We won, but that's about all that can be said.

Today's Work: I made some progress and got called on to troubleshoot for the old project... yesterday, they were having problems with the system that were traced to hardware, just as I was planning to field tech support questions from home. Today, it was the simulator laptop that we sent them just last year, because they weren't able to figure out how to use the one they had. I quickly typed up the instructions and we shipped it out next-day priority, because they HAD TO HAVE IT THE VERY NEXT DAY... and they never touched it after that. Now they don't know where the instructions are, and someone doesn't know basic Unix. To run a script in the current directory, you need to precede it by ./ and spell the name of the script correctly. Is that so hard?

Today's Dinner: I made lasagna, then spilled half of it on the stairs and my hands. The burning sensation went away after a while and I used most of my stain remover on the carpet, hoping to get as much sauce out as I could. I ate a few bites of what had remained in the bowl, but didn't really feel like eating after an hour of useless scrubbing and spraying. This, apparently, is inadequate provocation for feeling glum, but I wasn't feeling entirely great even before that.

Today's Gaming: I got to disc 3 on Blue Dragon, despite the network doing everything it could to prevent me from even starting the game. It also continues to prevent me from playing golf. Yesterday, I couldn't log in long enough to claim my gifts. The game has thrown so much crap in my face that as much as I enjoy both the game and the story, I feel even more miserable for having played it. This, also, is apparently inadequate provocation for feeling glum.

There was one thing I was looking forward to that might have helped, but it didn't happen. Wanting things sucks, and I advise against it.

On the other hand, it's a perfect time to get back to those rants I've been neglecting, as today's topic is "Dust bunies!"... I have no idea what those are, so I'll rant about dust bunnies, dust kitties, dustballs... freaking dust! It's because of dust that I couldn't eat my dinner while it was still good! There's dust all over everything, and no matter how much I try to clean it, it just ends up everywhere else. That's not to mention that there will be more dust later. Why bother if I can't possibly keep up? And then it collects into little balls, which collect into big balls... forget it. I'll just share my house with the dust and assume I'll finally be hungry enough to eat a proper breakfast at a reasonable time tomorrow, because a dinner of a few bites of dusty lasagna and a few toenails is no good. Yes, I said toenails. But don't worry... I didn't bite any off the foot that got sprayed. I'm not stupid. Just feel like torturing myself tonight, and the one person who might have talked me out of it had better things to do. My fault entirely for wanting some company.

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