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March 11th, 2008

I has too a PS3.

And tomorrow is the incomparable hillarygayle's birthday! She's a bit like chocolate - sweet, full of surprises, and everyone wants to be where she is. Okay, so maybe not as incomparable as advertised.

Today's Bridge: Dan and I got most of the cards and all of the luck. I went a bit outside the norm with S 9-x H A-K-Q-10-x-x D A-K-Q-J C 4 by opening 4H in third seat, but when Steve overcalled 4S, Dan raised me to 6H. Fortunately, Paul went to 6S, because we each had two spades and Steve had the A-K. Still, with Dan's ace of clubs and five hearts, we make 5H trivially. I told him I wouldn't have minded being off one, and I wouldn't have, but the opponents were off three doubled. After that, it was our turn to bid a few 3NT contracts, both of which I think were very settable due to short, weak diamonds headed by only an ace... but the opponents made so many hold plays in the first hand that I managed to make two overtricks while they threw away otherwise winning cards (getting the 7 of hearts on the opening lead was a big help), and while they attacked diamonds the second time, by the time Steve got in the lead, he was out of them, as I'd hoped. I have no idea why he didn't take the king of clubs when I decided to give him the setting trick to avoid being off more than one, but that gave it to me.

Today's Work: Making progress when I can keep myself awake. I've got what should be a passable very basic implementation of the other hardest part of the changes we need to make... it doesn't test to see if you can change states yet, but I've left room to build that in. I just want to see if the states actually change. Meanwhile, note to self... the function that copies a string with tokens that grab values from variables and plug them into the string is snprintf, not strncpy. The resulting segfaults will be fixed first thing tomorrow morning, thanks to this note to remind myself.

So, the PS3. I had to dig around to find a power cable, because I really didn't want to try to unscrew one of my surge protectors just to connect the grounding strip to the screw, and it took a few tries to get the video set up properly. There are maybe three games in the entire Playstation and PS2 pantheon that use O as the accept button and X as cancel, and two of those are from the same series. Everything else has always used X for accept and O for cancel, except the third game in the aforementioned series, which used triangle for cancel and some sort of funky dance for accept. I think it was the Flamenco. Meanwhile, EVERYTHING on the PS3 uses O for accept and X for "Dumbass alert! Delete all save files from the system and self-destruct!" It's like if they introduced Ben Stein's dunce cap to Jeopardy. "But... we're supposed to answer in questions!" "No, you're thinking of original Jeopardy. In the new version of Jeopardy, you're thrown off the show for asking questions, but the video board displays in 1600p resolution, so it's better!" But it works, so I can watch Blu-Ray movies and play the latest Ratchet & Clank games now. And when the new HDMI cable comes, I can return the one I borrowed from my DVD player - which is a shame, because I'd finally gotten back to watching All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku The TV. I'd forgotten about the guy with the guitar. I can't believe I forgot the guy with the guitar! "La la la la, dame sa dame!" I left the other end plugged into the main TV, so my viewing angle's off, but that will change too. I should have the new cable by the end of the week at the latest, and then everything will be plugged in where it needs to be - except the big hard drive, which I'll probably only plug in when I need to transfer files, as I can't save games directly to it, and the XBox 360 battery recharger, which I use rarely enough that I'll just plug it in where I charge my cell phone. That said... mygearstores on eBay... good stuff.

But my Internet connection keeps dropping for just long enough at a time to be really, REALLY annoying. I think it's just my router or my computer, because every time I go downstairs, the modem's fine, and when I get back up, it's already connected again. Time to post this while I'm still momentarily connected.

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“So it's been a since I did a voice post so I figured I'd do another one tonight because my internet connection has been so bad because there was something very strange in my dinner tonight that I thought I might mention and no it's it's not girl's out or anything like that. I had one of those Hungry Man's frozen dinners with the jumbo popcorn chicken and bread sticks with marinara(?) sauce and normally you get something like 6 piece of the chicken, 2 bread sticks and the type of sauce where you can dip everything in and it's more than enough sauce to go around. But tonight there was a piece of chicken in the tub of sauce. So I had something like 7 pieces of chicken on of which was completely drenched in sauce and almost no sauce cos there wasn't any room for it. I found that a little bit annoying but I couldn't really be mad cos hey I got an extra piece of chicken. How the heck do you complain about that? Hey, I got more but it wasn't quite what I wanted and I had to you know slush the stuff around to the very bottom of that tub just to get enough sauce to cover everything. How do you complain about that?”

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