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March 6th, 2008

Is the week over yet?

Today's Bridge: Amazingly, Keith rejoined us for the game today. More amazingly, we did well enough together. I didn't really agree with his play in some hands, as he tended to make me believe he had fewer cards in certain suits than he actually had, but his bidding in the first hand was spot on and led us to a 3NT contract that was probably guaranteed, but I think that may have been a coincidence, because I miscounted the spades. Still, Steve had the ace of diamonds, so Dan didn't get to run his long clubs. His club lead gave us the contract, while a diamond lead (to his partner's diamonds) might have hurt us a lot. Their downfall was when Steve overestimated the power and distribution of Dan's hand and bid a slam in diamonds, off five thanks to Keith leading clubs at Steve... had he ruffed in sooner, I think Keith was out of entries to his hand, and they might have gotten back in control, but he was probably hoping to use his last trump to cover mine. Not a chance.

Today's Work: I put in a few features, including the one we were signed up for without being aware of it. We still don't have the details of how it will work, but when we get the numbers we need, we can just plug them in, thanks to me. Of course, I haven't had the chance to test any of it, but I don't think the higher-ups care about testing right now. They just want all the features in the system... if they don't work, that's a minor issue.

Today's Gaming: All The Two Thrones... it gets hard quickly, and I didn't pass any save points through a few difficult battles. Not even the tiny life upgrade I found has helped much.

Today's Dinner: Buffalo Wild Wings. The service wasn't bad, but if the weather doesn't keep me home tomorrow, tonight's dinner just might.

Today's Rant: The suggested topic is ".", but I'm clever enough to translate that as "Rant about how much you hate the original starwars and how you can't seem to figure out why anyone would like them." That's not hard... it's yet another okay series of movies that developed a cult following simply by coming out a few years before they'd be considered lame. Sure, I know why people like them... Carrie Fisher in a gold bikini thing. Okay, now how about the rest of the movies? Star power, sure, we got that. Mark Hamill became somebody, Harrison Ford became somebody else, and James Earl Jones didn't even appear on screen. If that were enough to make a classic, what about Rat Race? Sorry, doesn't cut it. Storywise, kid becomes hero, pretty typical, and that was the first movie. Then it all fell apart. Bravo story. (Brave story?) And what's with being able to hear lasers in space? The whole dueling lightsabers thing probably inspired most of Harry Potter... can that be considered a plus? Light doesn't work like that! And why Yoda so beloved is, know never will I. Talk like this, he does, and his entire gimmick that is. He teaches us that big things come in small, ugly packages, and they can't speak without anastrophe; whereas the typical fantasy character can't speak without apostrophe. "Get the s'word of Ly'can'dor!" Ever notice how Luke never does what he's told, like wait by the ship or finish his training, but he still manages to get everything done just right? Yeah... tell me that's not Harry Potter several decades too early. He even has a nice scar where his hand used to be. In short, just like anything that most people love, I don't. They were entertaining, but aside from the fact that it's well known enough to be parodied by absolutely everyone, I just don't get the cult following. I've just got one word for you people. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

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