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March 4th, 2008

More vending machine philosophy

They've refilled it again. This time, I even managed to talk to the guy who fills the Pepsi machines, and he says he let it go so long because he hates having to throw away expired product when he rotates the stock, so he waits until the machine's completely empty... and then another few weeks. I think they'd do better to do proper trend analyses to determine what sells well and what needs to be pulled, but I'm not Pepsi. Anyway, this time, they got rid of the White Tea, which was exclusive to that machine, and restocked the Green Tea, which is also sold in the machine across the room. Brilliant. They've also returned the Amp and introduced Aquafina Alive Wellness Water, a "Vitamin Enhanced Flavored Water Beverage". Ever since someone told me that "American cheese" is actually not cheese and has to be labeled as "cheese food" on the package, I've been suspicious of products that have to be labeled as a "water beverage". So it's not really water, but a beverage like water?

The machine's not even full... there's an empty shelf below the Gatorade, which has remained in stock, and the bottom shelf has a few empty slots between the flavors of Frappuccino.

I really need to make a "vending machine philosophy" tag, but I'm too busy waiting to see whether detaching my threads will protect my memory space from overconsumption and monitoring an eBay auction for a Japanese PS3. Yes, I'm hoping to take the plunge. I weep, but if there aren't three games I want for it, there will be soon, and I really want to import some anime-based PS2 games, hang the cost.

It's amazing how much I got done today.

Today's Bridge: Pretty lousy, but we were at a disadvantage. Most of my hands were incredibly weak.

Today's Work: I got my stuff working, as far as I could test it, and I'm now working on a new feature for it which is in the requirements and probably will help us manage our memory a bit better.

Today's Internet: Spotty at its best. A comment from someone who claims to be an executive at Comcast promised Curt that the issue would be looked into, but in the meantime, it was several hours after I got home before I was getting a reliable connection for any length of time. Fortunately, I didn't have any major plans that required internet today, but it would be nice if we got the service we were paying for. The strange thing is that Curt had lots of problems earlier in the day, but didn't have any while I was having so many. Here's hoping it's all better, as it appears to be.

Today's reason for the topic: Once the payment is resolved and the unit ships and arrives here, I will be the proud owner of a Japanese PS3. Yes, I took the plunge and bid on an auction, and whoever already had a bid in either didn't notice I'd raised the stakes or really didn't want to pay more than $250 for it. I'm only getting a 20GB hard drive, so none of the fancy frills on the expensive ones, but Curt didn't need any of those, so I imagine I can do without them as well. The ability to import Japanese games is, and always has been, the main driving force here. I'll finally (hopefully) be able to enjoy the Angel Tails and Galaxy Angel games in all their Japanese glory... with a trusty dictionary or three at my side, I'm sure. I just have to find copies of them all.

Yep, that's about it. I'm still amazed. Now off for some Warrior Within, and hopefully, victory. If not, maybe Blue Dragon. And rare items!

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