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February 4th, 2008

But that's nothing new. I'm used to it.

Today's Bridge: Not a great showing... we got into a 3NT hand where our long suits were just too weak to set up, and all of our power was in our matching short suits. Not a good fit. They didn't bid their slam, though, and we (I) failed to double a 4H contract that went off two, and I'm not sure there was a better line of play for declarer, but he played right into our crossruff. Steve bid his hearts FOUR times, including over Kelly's 3NT, which I think was a makeable contract. In 3NT, our voids are pretty weak, while in a trump contract, we trounce the opposition.

Today's Gaming: Some progress in Galaxy, because I couldn't stand to play anything else. Maybe some Guitar Hero, but I don't feel much like a hero today. Feel more like going to bed and pretending it's a Mulligan.

I watched most of last night's episode of House... the unusual running time didn't help my DVR keep up, and just as they were explaining what the medical condition was, someone in the studio switched inputs to a personal call or something. Black screen and what sounded like a voice on a cellular phone for a few seconds until they could switch back to the show. Very weird. I didn't pay much attention to tonight's Sarah Connor Chronicles... as if I ever do. It has its moments, but I'm just not getting into it. Especially now that they seem to be getting away from action and doing more thoughtful stuff. That's not Terminator.

That Saint Matthew's Church letter

I has it. Geez, they stuffed that envelope with more stuff than a tax return! Promises of money, a really lousy picture of some guy that's supposed to open his eyes if you stare at it (I figured I might as well, just to prove that nothing at all happens), verbiage worthy of a Nigerian scam... and a postage paid return envelope, begging me to send back the "prayer rug" and the "prayer list" with an "'optional' donation" and then open the "sacred prophecies" that are "just for me". Me being "Someone Connected with This Address". I need to transcribe this thing when I have the time, because it IS as hilarious as it was rumored to be.

Some good parts:

Probably should have cut this to begin with... sorry.Collapse )

In the end, I think I'll hang on to this stuff for a while, scan it all, then send it back in the prepaid envelope... shredded.

Tagged "possible blasphemy", but I don't think I'm the one doing it... except for the Gary Larson crack, of course.

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