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February 3rd, 2008

Poor Tom Brady.

Long story short: I had two meals today, both at Wendy's, and attended a nicely rowdy Super Bowl party where even the Patriots fans cheered for the Giants. Most of the attendees agreed that it was probably the greatest Super Bowl ever, despite the relatively low scores. This was mainly due to lots of sacks by the Giants defense. Their offense wasn't great, but like the Colts last season, they got the job done when it mattered. I just hope the DVR will record the right portions of tonight's broadcasts to capture the entire episode of House. I have it recording everything from 10 to midnight. If not, I'll wait for the DVDs, like always, but if I'm going to watch a recorded broadcast, I'd like to make it worth watching.

I also found the time to play more Galaxy (I think I got ten more stars), more Sorcerer's Stone (saved with no stamina remaining, which can't be good), and the first level of Portal Runner, which will take a lot of getting used to. Typically, in platform games, pressing up on the movement stick moves the character away from the camera. Portal Runner uses Doom-style movement controls, where forward is relative to the character rather than the camera. I need to get used to actually turning Vicki when I want to look around rather than turning the camera, or I'll need to remember to reset the camera and turn her to face in the direction I want her to go. Still, it could be fun once I get the hang of that. I just need to pay more attention to the status screen so I can make sure I have all the loot before I finish each level - if I can tell which portal is the exit.

While I don't expect I'll be able to sleep very well after as much Coke and root beer as I've had today, it could turn out to be my best night yet. This will determine once and for all whether I need caffeine to help me sleep, or it keeps me awake. Well, maybe not once and for all. More like a slight possibility. But evidence is good.

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