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February 2nd, 2008

Very interesting day... but stupid

We did our usual shopping not much later than normal. I didn't find much that I wanted - Trigun Maximum 12, Tail of the Moon 9, Eyeshield 21 18, Ouran 10, and GTO Shonan Junai Gumi 6, as well as a few DVDs on sale and irreligion by John Allen Paulos, now that Curt's got me into Atheist literature as well as the religion. I also managed to buy a pair of curtains that are longer than the first set, but I fixed that by putting both short ones on one window, and both long ones on the other. Probably the reverse of the sensible way, but I don't want the long curtains over the vent, so they're behind the bed. As long as each window is constant, I don't care about symmetry. I'm not THAT much like Monk.

While we were at the mall, we stopped at Gamestop, where the clerk informed us that while there were no replacement copies of Sorcerer's Stone anywhere nearby, there was one at a Gamestop in Greenwood, and at least one in Avon, as well as possibly in the Circle Center Mall. I decided to make a trip to Greenwood to get the game replaced and stop by the Waldenbooks at the mall while I was there, and invited Curt to come along to look for a copy of Shadow of the Colossus, which he's been looking for for a long time. However, due to a miscommunication that was my fault entirely, as well as my failure to consult a map program before we left, we ended up going all the way to Avon. It was a neat trip, and definitely prepared us for dinner at the Chinese buffet (the only meal we had today), but while Curt found some neat stuff, the only game I found that interested me was "Intellivision Lives" for the Gamecube, and I didn't buy it because it didn't list "Thunder Castle" explicitly as one of the games available. Naturally, it IS in the compilation, but I'm not driving all the way back to Avon to buy it. I may hit the Greenwood location sometime later this month.

The new copy of the game seems to work just fine, and I've got Portal Runner for the PS2 and Viewtiful Joe 2 for the Gamecube as well... VJ2 is much easier, possibly because I was forced to choose the easiest difficulty, but mostly because the first level was actually manageably short. That may be due to having chosen the easiest difficulty level. I'll try that in the first game and see, eventually. Meanwhile, a bit of old-school gaming before bed, although not nearly as old-school as Thunder Castle.

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