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February 1st, 2008


Enjoy the awesome.

In other news, I'm staying home today, not because it looks like the weather will be bad, but because this week has been exhausting and I think I deserve a break. I don't think this will significantly impact my break possibilities during the stretch of death, but I certainly have things to do around the house, and calling this a "work day" when I don't actually go to work may help me get some of those done.

Possible news post later.

Evening plans? No, I'm not joking.

Curt managed to secure some Pacers tickets at work. Furthermore, I'm going to use one of them.

So if any of you plan to die with sin in your souls and go to hell, pack your ski equipment. The reason we didn't get much snow here is clearly that it's keeping Satan home from work in our stead.
If you're anything like me, that statement doesn't tell you who was playing in tonight's game, so I'll spell it out for you. It was the Pacers defending their home turf against the Houston Rockets. It was a very close game, with a lot of back-and-forth scoring, but the Pacers failed to make a shot in the closing seconds against a one-point lead, gave up two foul shots, and ended down three points. That's okay by me... for some reason, I wanted to see the Rockets win. It seemed to be a pretty subdued crowd, for the most part... the scoreboard kept having to remind everyone to make noise when a Rocket was going for a foul shot. That's fine by me... there was enough noise in there anyway. But all in all, it was pretty enjoyable. The drive wasn't bad - as always, having someone else along helps the time go by - and it was fun to see everything live - the game, the mascots, the erotic dancers. All things I normally wouldn't be very interested in, but I was THERE. And so was a kid who sat in one of our seats for most of the first half, despite our many hints that he might be happier in the seat his parents had paid for. Granted, there were three seats for just the two of us, but in the second half, I put my coat on that seat in the hopes the kid came back. "I'll make you a deal. If you can show me the ticket for this seat, I'll find somewhere else to put my coat. But if I have the ticket, you get to find somewhere else to sit." But he didn't. Almost a shame. Also, the Red Panda Acrobat did her unicycle bowl-flipping routine at halftime. We saw the same thing at a Chinese acrobat show in Singapore at least once, if not three times, and I think the unicycle may have been taller there. Or there might have been two acrobats flipping bowls onto each other's heads. Something like that. Still, while she didn't look much like a red panda (a raccoon, maybe), she was quite impressive.

RALPH WIGGUM: Go, Red Panda!

I've got more than 60 stars in the second quest of Mario Galaxy now, and I improved my scores on a few songs in Guitar Hero 3 as well as completing a few new ones. But it was a work day, so I washed my shower curtain (unfortunately, that didn't get the stains out... I'll need to bleach it next time) and my work clothes (ditto), hung the new window curtains in my room (a report on how well they block light tomorrow, I expect), and took out the garbage. Doesn't sound like much, but the curtains were a lot of work, moving furniture and measuring, using the stepladder, drilling holes for the screws... and in the end, while the picture on the curtain package showed two pieces, there was really only one in each package. It covers the window, but it might look nicer with a twin, not to mention blocking more light if it's bunched up a bit. Still, again, while it didn't seem to block much daylight, it won't need to block much light at night to be a significant improvement over the plain Venetian blind.

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