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January 29th, 2008

Evening, all

Today's Bridge: CP returned and joined us, and I was his partner. We got off to a good start, but after an ill-fated 3NT (depended on a spade finesse to make the nine tricks without losing control of clubs, and I guessed wrong), the opopnents made two games. No way to change it.

Today's Work: Another long day, and I even made it in early this time. I had to put all the Java stuff I'd done into packages, but that's pretty simple... just for i in *.java do; sed -e packagename/$i "1 i package packagename;" $i; done or something like that. That took all the time I had left and then some, so I still haven't integrated it into our Java client yet. The next two days will be meetings and snow days... joy.

Today's Gaming: Due to the thunderstorm warning, I didn't want to play anything too involved or anything that would spend a long time accessing the memory card. I settled on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but when I tried to end the first day, it failed to load. I may try resurfacing the disc and give it another go later. I'm not worried... it wasn't until after I'd spent most of my beans that I figured out where in the shop the larger bean pouch was. So I went for the original Guitar Hero for an hour. All five-star reviews but Killer Queen, I think, including that really crazy one by Incubus that I couldn't figure out. I guess I did just well enough. I hate the perspective, though... being able to see farther up the guitar in the later games is a big help.

Reading the first book of Strawberry Panic has made me wonder if other "Strawberry" titles might benefit from a bit of the same strawberry flavor, but I think the only one suited to it is "I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs", and that was pretty close already. I haven't read "Strawberry 100%", but I imagine it's also not far off, and I'm not even going to attempt to apply that idea to "Strawberry Marshmallow", especially after the recent trouble with the notion of pedophilia. Which, by the way, I only bring up to show that I CAN joke about it.

The Subway near me DOES still have the Feast, but the sandwich artist on duty told me she thinks it's disgusting. It's mainly because she doesn't eat red meat. Her loss.

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