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January 23rd, 2008

Okay, so how many zombie movies was he in, because with the amount of coverage he's getting, people must be expecting him to come back to life and need constant reassurance that it hasn't happened yet. Remember the days when the top story on the news was actually, and I quote: "The Iraq War: Nothing New to Report"? That's every celebrity death since the invention of news. Wait until you have something NEW, and THEN report it as "news". See how "news" has "new" in it? That's supposed to be a hint. And no, opinions and speculations are not news. Get some FACTS, stuff we can CARE ABOUT... and then we'll see.

And that makes up for the lack of news post today.

Today's Bridge: We held our own for the most part, but when it came to declaring a contract, the distributions were utterly against us.

Today's Work: I got to add another favorite programming concept that most people hate but sometimes can't avoid... callbacks. We need to post messages and wait for an operator to respond to them, then take some action based on the response. I can't think of any simple way to do that without callbacks, and not many complicated ways, either. Especially when the alert and the processing take place on two separate systems. Or when we don't know where the response will come from.

Today's Gaming: I beat Easy mode on Guitar Hero 3, somehow... that first song on the last tier was evil, I still haven't tried One, and I have no idea how I beat the final boss, but I expect it's because the game really caters to wusses in Easy mode. I think I did reasonably well on the song during the ending credits, but some parts really messed me up. Lots more to practice before I feel like I need to take on Medium. Like I told Curt earlier, I see Medium difficulty not as a goal, but as an inevitable consequence of my continuing to practice. Eventually, it may well happen that I just NEED more difficulty. Then The Moment of Truth came on, and I switched to Warrior Within. As predicted, I ditched the first attempt to defeat the boss after a few early screw-ups, then won the second one without much difficulty. I got another life upgrade, which means I have more than half - definitely more than I ever had my first time through. Time to start keeping an even sharper eye out, because there are three still unaccounted for, and the place where I thought I might find one had none. But I got through the fighting with much less hassle this time. No closing doors on enemies for me... just old-fashioned fighting moves and a good deal of strangulation.

As for The Moment of Truth... if I cared about any of those people, it might be more interesting. But why do I care if they've padded their underwear? Who do they think they are, dead celebrities?

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