January 22nd, 2008

Moa: The King of Destruction

I've had enough of Medium. Back to Easy... possibly forever. Even if it means more 3's and 7's.

Today's Bridge: Surprisingly, I got to play. I was not expecting that. Collapse )

Today's Work: Messing with the Class class in Java is painful. Useful, but painful. I think it might be easier to skip the abstraction and just type the twenty lines of code for every data type, especially since I don't think I can abstract when a class needs to have a particular function with a particular name. I can't create an anonymous class to encapsulate a call to a function... I don't think. This is what Java's object-oriented mentality has driven me to... thinking that anonymous classes would be a boon for this application. Can you feel it? I can't even seem to instantiate anonymous arrays as function parameters. I was pretty sure it could be done, like functionCall(new Class[]({Class1, Class2}));, but if it can be done, and I don't think it can, it can't be done that way. It's not too big a deal to create the array first and then pass it in, but it's annoying. Still, I've done a few useful things with the Class class, like write a quick program that'll print a full list of all the public functions in a class - handy when you can see a function call in example code, but don't have the source for the library. I can grep my program's output to find the function I want and get a full parameter list.

Today's Guitar Hero: I'm still managing 5 stars on Easy somehow, but I keep missing the solos. I think I'd do better if I played any song more than once, but that's smart talk. Nothing doing. Instead, I took Curt's advice and braved a few songs on Medium. The good part was that I had something to do with my pinky at last... a few more of these, and I may be able to rest it on a fret during Easy songs instead of trying to keep it out of the way. The bad part was pretty much everything else. The notes come a lot faster, I have trouble switching from the blue fret to the red (which is half of the first song right there, followed by more notes that I'm hopeless at), and if I get any notes at all in the solo, it's more coincidence than anything resembling guitar playing. I scored 4 stars on Talk Dirty to Me mainly because it was all blue and yellow. Two frets, I can do. I even managed a few of the random hammer-downs and pull-offs near the end. The hard part is when they mix the blue fret with red and green... it's hard to get the timing when the dots are spaced so far apart horizontally. Still, I need to master these moves on Easy before I can hope to do more than pass these Medium songs in the green. I need NAILS. For nailing songs... not for scratching the finish of the guitar.

As my manga queue was about to run low on books, I added five more today, including the first book of Ceres (I've read most of it, but that was so long ago that I'll start over) and the third book of Ghost Hunt. Those two will keep me busy for a while, and I'll finally start Harukaze Bitter Bop, Gothic Sports, and Rhysmyth. Okay, so Gothic Sports is the only one of those I've had for more than three days, but I have three books of it. I should probably make sure I like it before too long.

Might try Warrior Within again before anime and bed. Ramen Fighter Miki is fun, but I need to be awake enough to watch it.