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January 21st, 2008

Jan. 21st, 2008

Today's Manga: Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden 6 and Kashimashi 4. Nothing spectacular, but very long-awaited books. I've got a queue of 7 books now, only one of which has a sequel on my shelves (Chrono Crusade 7... I'm almost caught up!), so I figure it's about time I start catching up on some other backlogged series. I don't remember whether I ever finished Ceres or not, so I might start that one over. That'll be good for 14 books. There are also plenty of series I've just started collecting. I can read the first books of each one and be caught up in one fell swoop.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone, belated or otherwise. I think this is the most I've ever gotten, so it's good to know I have so many friends who care. I'd love this journal to become more of a friendly community sort of place, where people meet and find out more about each other and maybe even learn a little about me, if the stars align correctly. That's happened a few times, and it's fun for all involved. But I know people are reading, and that's the first step.

So, in a fit of not having a guitar-based video game, I bought Guitar Hero 3 for the PS2 today. When I can remember to strum, I seem to do okay in Easy difficulty. I plan to complete every song with five stars before doing anything in Medium. No replays needed through the first two tiers, although Eric Clapton seems to love his syncopation. (Strangely, I managed that entire section without a single miss.) I played a bit of that as well as lots of Warrior Within. I'm having much more luck with that now... three life upgrades, only one of which I found before, and I located another new one that I can't get to just yet. Good stuff... it's much easier this time through, even in Normal difficulty. (I don't remember whether I played Normal or Easy last time.)
It's singersdd's birthday! Well, time to stop celebrating mine and get back to celebrating other people's.

I finally found a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for PS2 today, so I bought that along with Dirge of Cerberus. I suppose it's not bad as far as shooters go, but so far, I'm not seeing what this game has to do with Final Fantasy 7 aside from a few characters in common and the word "Materia". The ultimate question in derived stories/sequels is, if we replaced the names and faces, would anyone recognize it as a ripoff of the correct original story? In this case, particularly given that it's set after Advent Children (which also seemed to have very little to do with FF7 aside from the homages), I don't think that's going to become any more true. Ultimately, it means that I'm going to wait until next weekend to get the Guitar Hero 1 and 2 combo. That's about it.

I also bought a new shower liner, but didn't realize that I'd need hooks to hang it. Oh well. I can get those later. At least I've taken the initiative to buy something useful rather than entertaining. I still need to measure the windows in my room to buy some proper blinds, which should actually block out the light from across the parking lot. I don't know if that'll help me sleep any better, but it'll be one more obstacle removed.

I got a perfect score on a second song today - the rather unlikely Holiday in Cambodia. Having seen that in higher difficulties and heard the music as I played it, I think I'll celebrate the one victory I'll ever have on it. Then I made it to the big halfway boss fight in Warrior Within - I've got four life upgrades, and I think I'm a bit behind, but I need to retrace my steps to get at least one, and that may count as having "missed" it for now. I hope so. Still, I've got as many life upgrades now as I had at the end of the game last time, and I know where at least two more are. Now to beat the boss... even with my improved fighting techniques, it's a hard battle. Should only take a few more tries, though. I also need to give the new wireless Gamecube controller a go. Not sure whether to try Viewtiful Joe again or go for something else. I'll figure something out, though.

I watched Sarah Connor Chronicles episode 2 over dinner, and actually paid attention this time. It's actually pretty good. I didn't pay as much attention during episode 3, but it was funny even so. Interesting developments, neat character development, and "Tin Man" the female Terminator trying to fit into human society with hilarious results.

I doubt this'll make much sense out of context, but I have to try.Collapse )

After all that, I did the laundry even though I had about enough clothes to last the rest of the week. At least now I know where I stand.

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