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January 17th, 2008

Sick day

Well, sick morning. Once I feel up to it, I'll head into town and catch up with the rest of the meeting. I think I need to wash the mugs more often than when I want to drink from one... apparently, sitting in the cabinet upside down causes more germ buildup than can be rinsed away with warm water. That, or the banana bread oatmeal really was bad. I forget which flavor I threw up last time, but it might well have been banana bread.

To prevent this post from being totally ugh, check out my first real LOLcat. I hope it gets picked for the main page.

Sick only lasts so long.

I managed to make it to the meeting only about an hour and a half late. My determination not to play any games in the meantime helped me get on the road, and the snow helped keep me off it. But the meeting was pretty productive overall. We're making headway in the design of a system that still doesn't have solid requirements. Why are we still doing this backward?

I thought about stopping at Rally's on the way home, but the construction makes that a bit of a pain. I might stop there tomorrow, though. I'm craving something from their menu for some reason. Probably just because it's that conveniently located, despite having to go around two blocks to get to the parking spaces.

I finally finished The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya last night. Episodes 5 and 6 didn't have quite the impact after the rest of the series gave away what would happen, but they still made a better ending than they would have a midpoint. The downside was that, despite Curt's maintenance efforts, the sound still went out three times, right at the end of the episode. I'll just deal with it for now, but he suggested that I might try a better quality coaxial cable and see if that helps. It's almost definitely the cable losing signal, so I might try that if I find one that doesn't cost too much for the quality. If it doesn't fix the problem, I'd be throwing the money away. Meanwhile, I need to decide what to watch tonight. There are too many good choices, including the end of Jungle ha Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu Deluxe, more Death Note, more Galaxy Angel (not that I'll ever catch up), and new series like Karin, Rozen Maiden, Ninja Nonsense, and Diamond Daydreams. All I know is that I'll definitely watch one of them tonight, possibly even two episodes, depending on whether any video games hold my attention before that time comes.

Today's Blue Dragon: I explored the area pretty thoroughly and found some great stuff, including three Magic Crystal accessories. I'm sure there's a fourth one in this area, and I may have just lost count, but I'm also pretty sure I explored quite thoroughly. It may be hidden behind a door that I'll soon become able to open. There were plenty of those. The boss was easy, mainly because I decided not to remove the Black Magic ability from Kluke. I thought Jiro could still cast Black Magic, but apparently, I thought White Magic and Barrier Magic were more important, along with Absorb HP. Admittedly, Absorb HP really IS important. But the lesson is that you should never be without Black Magic. EVER. It's just too risky.

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