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January 14th, 2008

Today's Bridge: I honestly have no idea what Dan was thinking jumping into the bidding on the first hand. He jumped, which I took to be a pre-empt, and I had nothing to say anyway. Admittedly, he was only off one in the final 4H contract, but I don't know whether the defense was all it could be. Our only moment in the sun was a 3NT where our hearts were so weak that, had the opponents bothered to attack them, we were in trouble. Because they attacked my strong suits instead, we made 4.

Today's Work: One of the original system developers, who left the government to become a contractor, was on-site today and helped me figure out the problems I've been seeing. I was pretty close to having the right times in the messages, but it turned out that the simulator was sending the wrong data. Once we fixed that, there was still a problem with the data, but he suggested looking at the raw data, and when none of it looked right, he figured out the problem - more of the packed vs. unpacked structures stuff we had to fix last week. Having taken care of that, everything worked just fine. We expect some conflicts to crop up tomorrow in how we handle data from the real program instead of our hacked-up simulator, but as I've said all along, if that's the most we have to fix, we're in very good shape.

Today's Gaming: I finally beat that first cave in chapter 3 of Startropics, but had problems in the ghost lake area. I also got to the end of Warrior Within, only to discover a glitch that will force me to start over. Well, this time, I've got a handle on the fighting, so I should be able to concentrate on looking for those life upgrades and maybe find them all this time through. Or I could give that a miss and move on to Two Thrones instead, at least for now.

I'm aiming for an early morning tomorrow, to which end I may skip making lunch and just plan on getting something on base, like Subway. Whatever the visitors get, maybe. Then, on Thursday, once everyone's gone home, we're looking at having a meeting here in Bloomington, so it'll be a nice short day (eliminating the commute will cut about an hour and a half off my day - no joke), so the rest of the week is shaping up to be devoid of Bridge, but not much worse off for it.

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