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January 13th, 2008

I watched the later two Austin Powers movies, got a lot farther in Warrior Within despite the game getting itself into an impossible state (the Prince was hanging from a ledge but wouldn't accept any controls... everything else worked fine, so I had to quit and do that part a fourth time), and got Curt's old stereo system to replace the one I bought from him all that time ago. Between giving him a 10% off coupon for Worst Buy, having paid for the old system, which required more work than I might have liked, and my upcoming birthday, we consider the gift adequately compensated. It's pretty handy - because it only has two inputs, but each one has both an analog and digital component, I only have to switch between the DVD player and all the game systems, instead of having to switch between the PS2/360 and all the other systems. We had to look up in the manual how to find the hidden menu to set coaxial input, though. It's not accessible from the remote - you have to hold the Menu button on the unit itself for a few seconds to find the right menu. Still, the sound is fine, and no more messy fiddling with cables falling out of the speakers. They're attached. I did discover something unfortunate about either the DVD player or the particular DVD I was watching, when I heard the sound go dead for a second, just like with the old system. I wanted to find out whether it was the stereo system having a blip or the disc having no sound, so I tried to rewind, but it didn't work. I tried pressing the rewind button, and I tried holding it, but it didn't work either way. It would stop, back up maybe a frame, and start playing again. Eventually, I just went back to the beginning of the chapter and watched it all again, and the sound blipped at the same spot. If it's not the disc, then either the player or the stereo just plain doesn't like whatever sound is in that spot. I'll have to try it again in another player, like the 360 or the PS2, or maybe just the laptop, which would eliminate everything but the disc itself. That's for another time, though... lots of things that I wanted to happen tonight didn't, and even eating part of a giant chocolate chip cookie only raised more questions than it answered. What am I supposed to do with the giant lump of frosting under the football? Was I supposed to try to spread it evenly over the surface of the cookie somehow, or is it meant to be eaten straight by whoever gets that particular piece? I have no idea!

At least I noticed something while watching Goldmember. Masi Oka, the actor who would later play Hiro Nakamura was the one who said "Due to trademark issues, that's not really Godzilla." I looked him up on IMDb... I knew that wasn't his first role, but I didn't know just how many roles he's had! Wow! And he did visual effects for ILM too... that's pretty impressive.

I read the first book of Gakuen Alice and moved on to Ninin ga Shinobuden. Alice is pretty much what I expected from what little I knew about it, while Shinobuden is... fun, but not over the top. I'll watch the anime one of these days just to see what they do for a plot, but the manga seems to be mostly situations so far. They'll have to introduce some main characters soon. More if anyone cares enough to ask.

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