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January 9th, 2008

No, I'm not from Americola.

Today's Bridge: Aside from having a perfect 4S opening hand (my spade suit was A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-6 and I had no clubs) which was overbid 5C by vulnerable opponents who seemed eager to give points away, nothing too special. I got to play a 2NT hand where the diamonds were worth 6 tricks if they set up, and I had only an ace in each other suit. Fortunately, the diamonds set up, and I ended up making 5.

Today's Work: Data redundancy is go, and it looks like things are working pretty well. I want to add a timer or two, or more, for monitoring the status of external processes so I can update that information, and that's pretty much everything I really need to do. It all looks like it's working, with the possible exception of the data conversions. Those, we'll have to experiment to see if we have the right idea. As I've said, if our data conversions are the biggest problem we have when the time comes for the integration and demo, we're in VERY good shape. I'm actually rather impressed with myself for once, to tell the truth. It seemed very doable, but I never seem to have as much faith in my ability to get the job done as everyone else has. I suppose it helps me remember that I'm not perfect, so there are always things to watch for. I still need a final version of an interface document, and I should upgrade my system to the latest version of the middleware we're using. Those things shouldn't have any negative impact, though. Just a bit of recoding to meet the new interface, and that's all changing variable type names.

I forgot how hard some of the early parts of Startropics were, but it's just as much fun as I remembered, now that I have a copy on a platform that can play it correctly. I also played some more Blue Dragon - I think acquiring the Barrier Magic class for Jiro may have been a mistake, since I don't have any Barrier Magic just yet, but it complements his White Magic skill nicely and increases his attributes just a bit. Still, I've decided to make him a Sword Master while Shu ranks up Assassin. By the time I make it out of this area, I'll be in pretty good shape. Also, everyone seemed worried about the Big Rat, but with a back attack, a charged strike, and some Magic Swordplay, it never even got to attack. Pfft.

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