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January 3rd, 2008

Always check your compiler flags

Today's Bridge: We came out on top, but I think we had all the good cards this time. Not good HANDS per se, but good cards. I describe them as follows.Collapse )

Today's Work: I figured out the root of both of our problems from yesterday: structure packing. Our software requires packed structures, while the messaging libraries are unpacked, and the two concepts are fundamentally incompatible. As in, we can't use their structures if we treat them as packed, and trying to mix-and-match creates segmentation faults. I think there may need to be an effort to specify which structures we need to pack and which we don't, because that's the only way I know of to have our bread buttered on both sides. But at least the messaging itself works, and the code-generating macros are great.

I'm enjoying the audiobook recordings of some of Stephen King's short stories. Sometimes, I have trouble keeping focused on the words while I'm driving, but I replay tracks if I need to. I think jadestar4 would hate most of the endings. They're all of the "I'm not going to tell you if it's a good ending or a bad ending" type. I rather like those, but sometimes, I do wish the stories didn't end quite where they do.

I think my nose is almost back to normal. Hopefully, tomorrow will be mostly non-yucky, and the weekend will be completely clean again. And then next weekend will be the big Terre Haute trip to see Chris and Jade, exchange the Christmas presents from home, and see if the Waldenbooks up there has any interesting manga. They rarely do, but I think there have been recent releases that I haven't seen in stores here. And I could check at fye... I've got the replay card, after all.

I'm so glad this is a short work week, even though there's a lot to do. I'm even half-tempted to poke my head into the requirements meeting, but given that it's supposed to run essentially the entire afternoon and we'll have two software guys from our group to represent our understanding of how systems actually work, I'm not needed. It's sad when I want to do something with documentation, particularly when there's finally code to write. Tomorrow, I need to tie the new messaging stuff into our old stuff and essentially try to build a bridge. I doubt I'll complete it all in one day, but I've done crazier things.

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