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January 2nd, 2008

We had a light dusting overnight, with a little bit of accumulation, but the roads were mostly clear on the way to work and almost entirely clear on the way back. Why traffic was still so slow, I have no idea. But I made it to work and back, and didn't experience too much hardship from the sinuses. Lots of nose-blowing and inhaling stuff that I no longer have the mucus to filter out... not sure whether to try another dose of the spray, attempting to loosen the stuff that's solidified and maybe stop it from flowing down my throat instead, or to let it go and see how I feel in the morning after a shower. Why, yes, I do think the suffering needs to be shared as best I can. What's it to you? ^_^

So I finally got back to work and got the chance to test my code-generating macro. It needed a lot of work, but I finally have two macros that appear to be equivalent to what I was originally using. The problem is that there are still some weird errors, and I can't figure out how to change some of the important parameters. Oh, there's tons of sample code, and the structures are fairly self-explanatory. But there's a value that's supposed to be either 0 or 1 to indicate the priority of a message type. Setting it to 0 makes it invalid. Setting it to 1 also makes it invalid. So I printed out the default value to see just what IS valid. Apparently, the valid value is something like 25763192. I tried one less and one greater, but neither worked. This is highly suspicious. I may have an invalid header somewhere that contains a bad structure list. How the heck do you debug that, and how do you fix it? I have no source code... just the headers and the documentation, which is apparently sad and inaccurate. As if that weren't bad enough, there are two types of policies (one for sending, and one for receiving), and it's only the sending ones that I can even store and apply unchanged. The simple act of storing receive policies into a variable renders them invalid, apparently.

Today's Bridge: A mere footnote. An exemplary display of how not to bid, although nobody was set in any contract. I think I got lucky with some short-trumped spade contracts, and had the power to pull them off by carefully managing my stoppers once I'd run out of trump.

I only got to watch one segment of School Rumble last night, but that works out well - I may be able to finish the episode tonight. I've also finally read the first chapter of Puri Puri... it's going to be good. The typical "guy surrounded by girls" motif, but this guy's trying to become a priest, and even though he's highly tempted to take advantage of the situation, if he does, he'll be expelled! Getting pounded in manga is pretty standard and ignorable, but serious plot consequences are a different dimension entirely. I look forward to more of it. There's a new Shonen Jump, but I want to reduce my queue a bit first.

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