December 15th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

Awakened News

Okay, LJ is taking the piss with this new update page. I LIKED having a nice, wide text entry box for those inordinately huge Reuters URLs. It's not even half the screen width anymore! And the huge font makes matters worse. It takes up way too much space. Ugh.

Man tosses iron ore at cars that don't dim their headlights. Now, unless he tied a note to it like "Dim your headlights, or you'll get iron ore thrown at your car," I don't see how anyone was supposed to figure out why they got pelted with iron ore.

Road rage leads to an attack with deer antlers and a handgun. If this were Dead Rising, the antlers would cause much more damage.

Another arrestee escapes while wearing handcuffs and is charged with theft.

A Christmas choir is asked to stop singing for fear they'll offend Jewish Olympic skater Sasha Cohen. Conspicuously absent from the article is Sasha Cohen's opinion, but I expect it would be hard for the paper to get.

A school board mulls over the proposed name "Breakfast Point Academy". They're pretty sure the mascot will have an embarrassing name (although, having watched Secret of Mana Theater, "The Pancakes" might have its good points), but the real question is whether a public school could be called an academy.

Elementary school kid sprays his teacher's pepper spray in a crowded hallway. The Peppered Eggs! Nah...

The world's tallest man pulls plastic out of dolphin stomachs. hearmemeep will be disappointed that the picture is of the man and hardly features the dolphin at all.
Moa: The King of Destruction

(no subject)

So... it's said that it's impossible to post an entry with "Enter a subject" as the subject. True or false? This entry will tell the tale. Meanwhile, complaining continues apace on the lj_design community... It doesn't seem as though very many users like the new update page. I'm considering looking into getting a client for the work computer... that's how much this stuff is annoying me.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Song lyrics meme, with a twist

I guess, while I'm putting the new update page through its paces, I may as well pick up on the latest iteration of the song lyrics meme. However, I'm going to change things up a bit. I'm going to give titles of songs as well as lines from the songs unrelated to the titles, but I'm going to restate them in different words. So "Born in the U.S.A." might become "I originated in America". But that's a really lame example. Hopefully, you'll find the real ones more amusing. And less anime-related than the usual bunch.

1. I have a sense that I'm the only person around, and my only recourse is to employ physical violence.
2. My only goal is to amuse myself until dawn comes to a Hollywood street.
3. Place me in a reclining position; there's a chance I'll eventually return to my point of origin.
4. A divine figure with only half of its flight appendages.
5. Beloved one, it would be preferable to be at a lower altitude, in the presence of more moisture.
6. In the past, I didn't comprehend the purpose of affection. I suffered from feelings of dejection as well as headaches.
7. In an area above a precipitation-induced spectrum.
8. Additionally, it's possible to consume the cookware.
9. Your Microsoft operating system takes 36 hours to initialize.
10. There have been no negative reports about the afterlife from the thousands of thousands of deceased people.
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Moa: The King of Destruction

(no subject)

Today's Bridge: Matt and I won, even though some of his bids weren't quite right. He learned a lot from the play and the bidding, because we had some very long suits in most of the hands, so lots of pre-empts and sacrifice bids.

Today's Work: I made the obvious change, but I'm still investigating the processes filling up the message queues. I think something's sending way too many messages, and I want to find out what.

Today's Enchanted Arms: The disc read error returned! I wasn't expecting it, so I didn't save any time before that, but I didn't really accomplish much. Just some of the usual random battle stuff. I hope this was an intermittent problem... the instances have certainly decreased since the update, and this is the first time the read error has kicked me out of the game... it usually recovers after a retry. Maybe I should go back to the websites where I found the information before and see if there are any updates.

Today's Albatross 18: I played in my first match, which ended early due to an opponent leaving. I think we were ahead by a tiny bit, though. I got some experience points for it, and I got to see at least one high-level player at work. It's fun. If anyone out there joins up and wants to play a round or two with me, let me know.

Not much to say otherwise... I missed the first half of Justice because I was still golfing, but I did catch Wheel of Fortune, and I got the bonus puzzle for the first time in a long time. (With R S T L N E and C D M I, the puzzle was -ED-E---.) I also got ------- -- S--S---- (SONG) after a few seconds of thought, before the next letter went up. I'm pretty good at those puzzles, but if I went on the show, I'd probably hit Bankrupt on every spin and I'd botch the bonus puzzle if I did manage to win the rest. To show you how my karma works: CP drew today's non-ace before I could get to it, but I bought a Pepsi later in the day and won another buy one, get one free. That makes three wins out of no more than a dozen bottles in the last two weeks. Odds of winning are one in eight, I believe.

Hexic could be addicting. I think I'll be avoiding it for a while, even if it's the only thing my XBox 360 doesn't choke on.