December 14th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that can make you fly

By the way, Livejournal has updated the update page. Nobody seems to have noticed yet. I certainly haven't heard a million voices crying out, as if they hated the new interface, and then suddenly silenced, as they realized they'd have to use it if they wanted to complain.

This guy loved rats until they ate him. It looks like he was already dead at the time, but I assume that was rat-related.

Hunter runs over seven-legged hermaphroditic deer. I guess those traits just aren't survivable.

Woman hits store manager with sack of potatoes. Too bad for him she didn't have a giant sausage. Those probably hurt less.

The smallest dog in the world. So? It's a chihuahua. Where's the surprise in that?

Yet another teacher makes students pee in a bottle in the classroom. I think our nation's teachers need some reeducation in how toilet facilities work and why they're available.

Dead crows work like scarecrows. And dead people usually keep living people away! Fascinating!

Man steals $500 worth of baby formula, then gets chased by cops, who recover the formula AND the heroin. When will people learn not to mix crimes? Also, are they sure that's New Hampshire? Because those city names look like they come from a completely different country.

Man hangs from a power cable during the only 7 minutes it's shut off in 15 months. Fortunately, though he survived, he's been charged with trespassing.

Woman leaves her son in the car but takes the dog in while she shops at Neiman-Marcus. I mention the name because they put up their Christmas decorations WAY out of season. Apparently, she expected the valets to watch her kid for half an hour. That's a customers_suck moment if ever I saw one.

Santa gets pelted with ice and has to cut his holiday visits short. Who beats up Santa Claus? Honestly!

Yet another stack of money found in a clothing donation. You know, volunteering at a place that takes donated clothing could be a profitable venture for those with few scruples. The odd windfall will probably make up for the long stretches of no income.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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angiepies has a birthday tomorrow! It seems like most of the people I know were born in December, which is probably really inconvenient. I should know... I'm a January myself.

Today's Bridge: I got to play, largely because we only had four people, but we didn't accomplish much. We set the first contract by 5, which I suspected when Paul jumped into the auction with 4D when Kelly and I had both bid weak and I had four diamonds to the jack, but for that bid, he needed considerably more than the four diamonds he had. It was because he pulled two rounds of diamonds with the A-Q, pulling Kelly's king, then gave me the jack and let me pull the last two, setting up Kelly's absurdly long spades (most of which she sluffed), that we set them so much. I almost wanted to strangle her for sluffing spades, especially after the trump were gone. Almost. But I couldn't double because a lucky split might have given him 4D for a game. In the end, we couldn't win an auction, and though we set most of their contracts, they still made enough for a game and beat us by 30 points.

Today's Work: I isolated the cause of the biggest problem facing me right now, but it's a function that's always been there and always been horribly, horribly wrong. It's supposed to update a link identification number, but no matter what link is passed in, it always updates the main link... with information for another link, if it's not called for the main link. It was just never used for any purpose other than the one that works... until now. And I have no idea why now. I made a change that would cause it, but then I removed that change, and it still happened. Maybe I missed something. That'll be a job for tomorrow, although Dan wants me to investigate thoroughly and see if I can fix the function rather than just applying a Band-Aid [brand adhesive strip] to the observable consequence... which is my kind of problem-solving. The other two problems I've seen will be similarly annoying to patch up, but at least those should be more direct to find and fix. I know how to go about finding the cause of one, and that just might fix the other as well.

Today's Computer: I transitioned my mail via Thunderbird. It wasn't as straightforward as I'd hoped, but I basically imported my mail into Thunderbird on the old computer, then copied the mail files from Local Folders on the old computer directly to the corresponding folder on the new computer, and finally just set up the mail account manually. So I'm using two different mail programs (Outlook Express for Hotmail and Thunderbird for Insight), but that's fine for now. I'll see how Thunderbird handles for a while. I'm copying my story files over from the old computer now, and I'll probably grab the webpage files next, then see what sort of FTP programs this computer has. I'll also need to investigate my options for editing text files... it'd be really nice to have something like Editpad, so I'm not stuck with Wordpad or *shudder* Notepad. Converting my story files to Word 2003 will be on an "as I need them" basis, of course. Can't imagine I'll need many of them any time soon.

I guess I should talk about the new series I've started recently. Last Fantasy was pretty funny, but not the gag-a-minute parodyfest I was expecting. The humor mostly came at the culmination of each chapter, and I don't think I've really seen any significant parodies in the first book. I thought it would be more entertaining to an RPG fan, but it looks like anyone should be able to enjoy it. Only two main characters to get used to, early on. Then there's Air Gear. I wasn't sure at first, just because I didn't know what genre it would fall into, but it reminds me of - surprise surprise! - Tenjou Tenge (same author(s)), with a bit less of the bone-cracking martial arts and more skating. That's right... skating as a form of martial arts. So far, it's working, which I couldn't really say about Tenjou Tenge at first. I can't say I'm really feeling the characters of Air Gear yet, but I don't think that matters. The story's good enough to overcome that.

Today's Gaming: Instead of firing up a console, I let lurkerdrome talk me into trying Albatross 18 a.k.a. PengYa. If your computer can handle it, as mine now can, it looks like a fun diversion, once I overcome my suckiness and learn to do things like hit the ball onto the fairway, putt, and beat the caddy into the ground with my club for being a stupid bag. No, really. I only went through the tutorial course once, and I assume I'll get a bit better as time goes on, if I keep playing. But I'd be willing to play someone, once I figure out how, if anyone out there wants to go up against an easy opponent like me. I'll suck it up hard and spit it out from the water hazards, where my ball will spend most of its time. Trust me.