December 13th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

The deadline for this news has been pushed up to tomorrow at noon

Teen in Valparaiso gets clocked at 142 mph on U.S. 30. Not even an interstate. His story, of course, was that he didn't want his mom to be angry with him for getting home late. Well, I'm sure she's much happier with the speeding ticket and probable license suspension.

That kid who meowed at the old woman got off with a reprimand. If we saw more of that kind of justice, it might be worth parading more kids into court. Show them where their lives will be spent if they keep doing stupid things and breaking rules, or opening Christmas presents early.

Plainfield, NJ firemen fight a fire in the mattress factory right next to the firehouse. They got off better than the fire departments east of Sullivan... I forget whether it was Linton or Bloomfield that had their firehouse burn down and had to relocate to the police station.

Pit bull puppy eats a baby's toes. A vet thinks the dog may have been trying to nurse, though how a toe can look like a nipple is anyone's guess. Now, we've all heard that discrimination by dog breed is misinformed and based on a backwards cause-and-effect relationship, but I don't think a pit bull was the best choice of breed for a family with a baby.

Brazilian on travel in Germany sees a burglar on his webcam and calls the cops. Modern technology is simply awesome in its power to make life better for everyone except the stupid.

Evel Knievel sues Kanye West over an unflattering depiction in a music video. I object to the term "music video" referring to anything involving rap, but that's a minor quibble. Knievel says that the video can't be considered a parody because it's not funny. Damn straight. And this isn't just my distaste for rap in general talking, although I'm not saying that doesn't play a part. Still, my impartiality says that Knievel probably doesn't have a case, so I have to stand against my opinions and say that if you don't want to be made fun of, don't become famous in the first place. Marguerite Perrin seems to be doing okay with her fame.

Manifesto Games claims to have made the first video game to star a rabbi. It's possible that they're right, but who really cares?

German shoppers help a shoplifter escape from store detectives. If only they'd watched the whole thing on a webcam, they wouldn't have screwed up so badly.

Kazakhstan has decided to like Borat. Good. Join the rest of us.

A bank robber leaves his account card behind. Ah, nothing like the classics.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: Take a guess. I watched Paul's hand, and there were some interesting moments, including a hand where he had the ace of diamonds hidden, and when he found it, he led it right into CP's ruff. That was an embarrassing hand.

Today's Work: I figured out the problem at last. A structure used in another structure that resides in shared memory expanded, which somehow pushed it over the limit even though it was a tiny part of a union. I have no idea what GCC is doing to my poor unions. For now, I've just reduced the number of message buffers to fit, but Dan mentioned the possibility of expanding shared memory, if I can figure out how. That'll help, because at least one process doesn't seem to realize that it doesn't have as many message buffers as it used to, and tries to send 2000 messages all at once. Or so it appears. If I can't just buy myself more share, I'll look into fixing some of those problems.

Today's Ookami: The new abilities aren't quite as handy as I'd hoped, but I've found a few new things and some more Stray Beads. I also found a Demon Gate that doesn't seem to want to close, no matter how many times I go through it and defeat demons that always cost me a few bones and a few exorcism slips to defeat - and the most recent fight took two food bags in addition to that. It didn't seem like my weapons did much.

I got the response I needed for the next chapter of the Harry Potter MST and posted it to the webpage. Go enjoy it. It's sort of a celebration. I finally made the appointment to have my car in the shop on Monday, and found out that the insurance company finally paid my bills... on the 7th, so they haven't posted yet. It's just a matter of time now, though. I also put in for my Christmas vacation. Fun times are coming.