December 12th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that just woke up from the New Year's party

Supermodel wins the annual "Foot in Mouth" award. And President Bush only got one nomination. The sadness.

The world's oldest person has died again. No news that I can see on who's the new oldest person. But I've got a new ambition. I want to live to see one of my children crowned the oldest person in the world.

Yet another doofus calls the police to report that someone stole his illegal drugs. Sure, they'll get those RIGHT back to you.

Man tries to use a police badge he found as ID to get into a military base and go bowling. There are bowling alleys outside the base too, dumbass!

A Texas lawmaker wants to allow the legally blind to hunt with laser sights and non-visually impaired partners. Because everyone deserves to be able to kill animals.

A couple in jail, about to be sent to separate prisons, wants to get married, but the jailer says no. Gee, you'd think people who really love each other would, I don't know, not commit stupid crimes that will land them in separate prisons? Why bother getting married anyway at that point? Just wait until you're both out... he'll probably be a very changed man anyway.

Man spells out "Bah-hum-bug" with Christmas lights, and nobody's offended. What? Slow news day? Let's get some fistfights and arrests over this!

A specialty hotdog stand in Chicago offers reindeer dogs for the holidays. It's an $8 dog, but it's made from Dasher and Prancer and Dancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blixem. And if you get the one with a glowing nose....

... A woman who set her husband's penis on fire over five years ago tried to run away, but now she's back in prison awaiting her sentencing. I say she deserves a rusty pliers hysterectomy. More so if she's already had one... I'm sure there's something that can be pulled out.
Moa: The King of Destruction

Ordinary stuff

While I try to figure out what's gone wrong with this program, I figured I'd fill you in on some of the slices of everyday life that would go into my posts if I posted about things people normally care about. The sort of little posts I see in my friends list all the time and wish I had interesting stuff like that to write about.

- I forgot to mention last night that today is the_dark_snack's birthday. Oops.

- On Sunday, when I went to Barnes & Noble with the intention of actually buying books, a little girl snuck up behind me in the children's section and growled, as if to scare me or merely imitate some sort of monster. Naturally, I couldn't let her get away with that, so I loomed intimidatingly and advanced on her slowly all the way back to the playset where her mother was waiting. Then, after a few brief words from her mother and me about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of sneaking up on strangers and growling at them, I did a lunge-and-growl of my own. And that little girl cried at least until I was out of earshot. Her mother said it was okay, but I felt bad, and I can't decide quite what I felt bad for... making a little girl cry, or meeting a little girl whose mother hadn't adequately prepared her for the rigors of being a growly-monster and receiving in kind.

- In the break room, there's a microwave with a broken display that seems to repeat the last digit in the place of the first one. (It's not generally a problem because the first digit isn't used for much anyway.) I remarked to someone that we must have been working late because it was already 53:35. It took him until 63:36 to look at the clock. That's over ten hours. But I didn't get out of there until 83:38, so I was even slower.

- Our timekeeper was one of several people carrying boxes of Christmas stuff down the hall. I asked her whether it was for the new "Toys for Engineers" program, and she asked "What would you like, little boy? A singing Santa in a stocking?" What I should have said was "I want... LOG!" I'm not going to go into what I actually said, but it was at least something she recognized. It's a sad day for my wit.

- Our branch manager gave out little tins of food and candles yesterday morning, which were themselves the source of some humor ("How many people do you think will light the candles without removing them from the plastic tins first?" "I'm more interested in how many people will EAT them!"), but the spiced pecans have been a big hit, so he sent out an E-mail to everyone with the recipe. That's started a bit of a joke chain thanks to The Branch's resident E-mail joker (who, perhaps surprisingly, isn't me), so I eventually responded "TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST PLEASE. I'M TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT BY REPLYING TO EVERYONE, I'M PERPETUATING THE CHAIN, AND THAT THE USE OF ALL-CAPS IN MY E-MAIL WON'T ENDEAR ME TO ANYONE." I also appended the number from the recent resurgence of chain mails to the subject line, just in case anyone's been paying attention. I'm waiting for a "ME TOO THANK YOU", but something tells me I killed the joke. Good. Still, spiced pecan recipe. All I need are the pecans, the spices, and the rest of the recipe.
Moa: The King of Destruction

(no subject)

Today's Bridge: Four of us sat down to play and screw everyone who was late to the party. Unfortunately, screw CP and me as well, as half of the hands I got were missing a suit and we still didn't score a single point. We had two hands that seemed perfect for weak slams, but where the distribution was right, the spot cards were wrong - we had a spade slam try where we happened to be missing the ace of hearts and the K-Q of spades, which guarantees us off one. I think we lost another one there for some reason. Finesses never worked when I needed them to either, while the opponents could make any contract they bid. We even missed a 1NT!

Today's Work: Spent the whole day rebuilding in every way I could think of, but still no shared memory. And it's not a space issue... I reduced the size of the structure that grew, and it still failed. So I'm going to do what little I can and incrementally merge as few files at a time as possible until the problem recurs, and narrow down the cause. I've got one more direct approach I want to try first (comparing sizes of the proposed shared memory blocks to see whether there's a difference and why), and if that fails, I've got no choice. It could be another one of those random "add a line that does nothing and it works) problems... but those caused crashes in the past, not this. Oh well. That's tomorrow's problem.

Today's Ookami: I played right through Standoff and House because I was too fascinated to stop. I've learned a bunch of new combat techniques, and should FINALLY be able to break some of those rocks that have been taunting me since the beginning of the game. It cost a pretty penny... from nearly 900,000 of my 2,000,000 yen goal, I'm now down to less than 600,000. But if I'm right, I should be able to earn lots of money quickly now, and fights should go faster with my new techniques.

Oh, and apparently 僕はもう日本語で書ける筈だ。ウィンドオズXPの為にこの「Semagic」というプローグラムでも日本語で書ける。すごいよ。 But I'll try to keep that to a minimum.