December 4th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: We had seven people ready to play, but Raymond had other things to do, so we asked a few people nearby if they wanted to learn. To our great surprise, one of the Matts agreed, and Thom joined us a few minutes later to watch and try to catch up. Matt's learned some basics of bidding and play, and we're going to keep training him and hope we can lead him down the right path, rather than letting him indulge in the dark side - where players decide they have better things to do than think about their bids and play and just do whatever they feel like. It's sort of like deciding to play Poker blindfolded just because you're not playing for money, or watching American Idol on Mute because you don't care who wins. (Actually, that might work for the new season.) But having one or two new Bridge players around could be a big help, even if Matt usually goes out to lunch with CP. Thom's around more often than he's not, though.

Today's Work: As I mentioned in the news post, I wasn't able to log in properly, so I spent the morning waiting for that to be fixed. It's still not great, but I can log in at the prompt and run X from there, so I can work. I got linked to the two standards I need to review, and read the introduction to the one Dan wants me to concentrate on. So far, all I can tell is that it's definitely relevant to what we need to do, which was previously in question. The further question of how it would be relevant remains to people other than me to answer.

Today's Commute: I started listening to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I think it'll take me all week to finish it... the first disc ended as I waited to get past a traffic accident, and I eventually doubled back to take an alternate route, because it looked like the rescue workers were working on someone in the only lane that wasn't full of emergency vehicles. The constant stream of cars coming from the other direction while I waited was very misleading, and I still have no idea where they were coming from. The audiobook, though, has been excellent, and I've been laughing at the funny parts while noticing some details I missed while reading the books. I caught the early mentions of plot points from later books on my second reading, though, so it was little things that stood out this time. Having watched the movie a few times, I'd forgotten just how detailed the description of the day Voldemort disappeared was. After getting home, including the wait at the accident scene, Hagrid's only just taking Harry from the cabin and explaining Gringotts Bank to him. The opening of the books always did seem to drag on quite a bit, before they got to the "good stuff" about Harry at Hogwarts.

The expensive vending machine (the Gatorade machine with no Gatorade) has been restocked again, this time with a new variety of the Sobe energy drink that promises no sugar and only one carb. That gave me an idea... how hard would it be to market an energy drink with zero calories? Intended irony aside... do you think the aversion to anything we've been told is unhealthy (or might be) is enough to blind the American consumer to the obvious flaw? The coworker who doubts the existence of the Jesus-less nativity believes so... I'm beginning to worry about his state of mind.

I started watching Stellvia again last night, got right back into it, and watched two episodes because I had the time and my DVD remote didn't work when I wanted to stop the show and play Ookami, so I'm going to finish the DVD tonight. This is the good part.