December 3rd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Wii-wait: I'd just gotten there when I saw everyone leaving. No Wiis this week. But I have high hopes - admittedly too high - of having one in time to enjoy the launch of Metroid Prime 5.

Today's Dark Cloud: Nothing amazing, really, but it's progress all the same. And a few abilities spread to main weapons.

Today's Ookami: Nothing amazing, really, but it's progress. Except that I finally had to resort to using a walkthrough for one of the sidequests, which I haven't bothered to finish yet. You know the one.

Today's Tomb Raider: Pretty freaking amazing. I found that grappling hook and most of the secrets in the manor. I also got every secret in Tokyo in one run-through. Now I'm trying to figure out just why I spent so long trying to repair the Tesla Cannon. Other than Tesla Cannons being the coolest weapons ever.

I finished the first draft of the MST chapter 4, finally. Tomorrow night might be a good time to read it over all at once and make sure I like it. I'm liking it more as time goes by, which could be a bad sign. I want it to be good the first time.