December 2nd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

"Sergeants, take her away and book her!" "Sergeant Takeraway... Sergeant Booker..."

Today's Manga: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 6.

Today's Anime: Negima 4. I have no idea who the figurine is. I want to say Kaede, but she looks more like one of the twins.

Today's Everything Else: Clerks 2, the Police Squad collection, the new Dane Cook HBO special DVD, Tomb Raider Legends for the 360, the Sega Genesis collection for PS2, and the first Harry Potter audiobook on CD. I also ordered Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince on CD... I figure, if I listen to them being read aloud, it might stick. They're $75 each, so not for the casual listener, but they'll keep me in listening material for weeks of commuting.

I made a lot of progress in Dark Cloud today... I believe I'm at level 20 or so of the Demon Shaft, which is farther than I've ever gotten before. I got my Drain Seeker, so it's time to build it up to +5 and decide whether to give it to Xiao or maybe someone like Ruby, who can definitely use the boost. I also integrated my last Bandit Slingshot into the Big Bucks Hammer so that it will only take one level of the Satan's Axe to get both abilities. I need Kitchen Knives, but I don't want to fill up Toan's sword inventory only to have to throw one away to get one from a chest. And I need more Bone Scimitars. I've built both Ruby and Osmond up to their ultimate weapons now, and I'm pretty sure Goro's only one upgrade away, if I do it right.

I also got started in Tomb Raider. I'm somewhere in Peru now, having spent what felt like several hours exploring the Croft Manor and never finding the grappling hook that I need to get anywhere. Maybe I just need some fancier gymnastics. Or, failing that, a grappling hook. Still, I'm enjoying the movement style and the ease of returning to levels I've beaten to hunt for secrets. And swimming is much easier, although the camera movement disorients me in the water. I was trying to progress in the level but found a secret, and when I thought I was swimming back to where I started, I was progressing in the level. Can't complain about that, but I'd like to go where I'm trying to go.
Police Squad is as funny as I remembered. So is Van Von Hunter... the manga cameos cracked me up.