November 27th, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction

News that might ambush you in a cave

Teen kills two deer with one shot. He's only five away from being the Brave Little Tailor.

The new tick inspector doesn't just ask women to disrobe... he grabs their buttocks. I guess women's buttocks probably feel pretty nice (I've had very little experience, naturally, and don't like to think about that part of my life), but this guy seems to go to a lot of trouble for his feel. I'd expect to get more success out of a grab-and-run on the street. Or a ride on a Japanese subway.

Woman hides her husband's body for three years under their gay son finds it. It's just another Social Security fraud story with a homosexual twist. Still, I hope they take the screws to her for her fraud. Fraud hurts everyone, and it isn't often that the perpetrator can be brought to justice.

Man gets stabbed in bar brawl because he didn't wash his hands. I guess it really IS bad for your health.

Jail webcam project is scrapped as a security risk. Well, DUH.

PETA harasses an Alaska church's nativity scene even though the animals are just people in costumes. Strange... I thought PETA was FOR the mistreatment of humans.

Police look into a baby offered for sale on Craigslist. Looks like it was in the "food" section. Now, I've heard of cooking a cat to intimidate a car dealer, but cooking babies? Who is this, Jonathan Swift? Then again, this guy put the baby in the freezer for later. That's not QUITE the advised method for bringing a fever down.

And finally, peace appears to be illegal in at least one neighborhood. In a season where we wish people peace and goodwill, it's illegal to hang a peace sign. Somebody tell me how that's supposed to make sense.
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Love the editing in Deal or No Deal. The guy picked case 17, and when the camera panned over the models, case 17 was still there. Brilliant. Heroes answered a bunch of questions that I didn't really care about, and the ones I did care about, I already knew the answers to. Also, I wasn't paying much attention, because I was playing Dark Cloud. I leveled up all of the weapons, and not one of them was ready to evolve. Goro's Satan's Ax is taking absolutely forever. I did build the Bone Sword up into an Evilcise, which will now require an eternity to become the Drain Seeker I really need. And ultimately, I'm not sure whether it'll be so bad for Xiao to have Heal anyway, particularly since the alternative is building up another Drain Seeker after this one to give her Drain, when one is going to be enough of a pain. Being able to heal by standing still won't be that bad, will it? And I found a Skunk with Durable, so I have to decide who's going to get that. Ungaga's probably a good candidate, but Ruby is the one who most needs the pan-elemental boost, and Osmond will probably need one when he evolves the "Hex aBlaster" as the game calls it.

I went to a rather confused meeting at work today... they seemed to think I was there to support the DSP effort, for some reason. When they asked me how much I knew about DSP, the only thing I could think of to say was "Is there a number less than zero but still positive?" I mean, I know what DSP STANDS for, and the basic idea of it, but all I know about the actual calculations and functions is that they're really complicated - enough so that they need lots of brilliant people to do them. Fortunately, it went over well, and once they figured out why I was actually there, they felt much better about having me around. For a minute, I thought they were going to question the wisdom of my being there at all. But they like the approach that I'd be called in to support, so things look hopeful there.

I got a profit-sharing check from EG&G today, which I assume will be their last correspondence with me. It's not huge, but it'll become a decent chunk of my Wii. Curt's definitely enjoying his, but I want to get my hands on a Wii, even if it means casting Dark Cloud and Ookami aside for a while, just as I have with the 360. For now.

I find that I follow the story of House a bit better when I can watch several episodes at once, and there's a gap of little more than a day between sessions rather than a full week. Maybe the Heroes marathon will help me catch up with that story... although I suspect that at this point, Television Without Pity would be less of a drain on my sanity.