November 22nd, 2006

Moa: The King of Destruction


The usual source has nothing. NOTHING! So here's the news as Reuters sees it.

The Manila airport stops a woman from bringing snakes onto a plane. They say they were stopping a real life version of the movie "Snakes on a Plane", but there was no hint of pheromone leis, Samuel L. Jackson, or sex in the bathroom.

A cat didn't have puppies. Let's all breathe a big fat sigh of DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!

Jones Soda Co. will add Green Pea to their list of holiday themed sodas. Thanks, but if I want to drink Jones soda, I think I'll stick with Blue Bubblegum.

Israel scraps racy "Borat" posters but will still show the movie. Better catch it on opening day, because it's probably going to be shut down quickly.

Santa Claus is no longer on Forbes' list of richest fictional characters because children still think he's real. But his net worth is "infinite". What kind of tax bracket would he be in?

Wanted murderer posts a profile on a dating website. It's cases like that that make "America's Most Wanted" so effective.

A Chinese school creates a sex education website for the students. Finally, someone stops pretending that kids will stop having sex if adults just ignore the problem!

An Indian carpenter turned jewel thief spends his loot on a song request. The same song, over and over for three nights. That's when the police noticed that something was wrong.

A monk who gets an erection during meditation remedies the problem by cutting it off. Then he refuses to have it reattached. I guess it's less of a public embarrassment than the usual baldness, anyway.

China, home of the sex education website for kids, now has a lesbian hotline. Isn't it amazing that the Communists can care about their undervalued women that much, when the mere hint of such a service in the "free" U.S. would have the religious right up in arms? Man, those Communists are free to do whatever they want compared to us.

Drunk school bus driver asks to finish his run. Or at least have a pause to draw a map for the substitute driver. Bet he'd swear off the drinking if we replaced all of his booze with Green Pea soda. Anyone want to try it?
Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's Bridge: CP and I gave it our best, but while we overshot our mark and missed 3S by one trick when 1S would have done it (our distributions were just too close), Dan declared 6NT and had 7 in the bag, but he didn't bother to cash his winners and ended up with two losing spades. So the fact that they ended up winning by 10 points doesn't bother me much.

Today's Ookami: Lots more progress, including two new brush techniques and a kickass new weapon. I also finally understand something about Susano. I'm sure everyone knew it long before they got to that part of the game, but I'm slow.

I found myself watching "Show Me the Money" tonight, for no real reason. I think it's an attempt to cross Who Wants to Kill Regis Philbin with Deal or No Deal, hosted by William Shatner. And the new catchphrase meaning that the contestant is officially sure of their answer is "lock in with". Ugh. Interesting concept, but the trappings... ugh. At least the models dance in this one.

I stayed up late because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and all I need to do is drive to Sullivan, hang out with the in-laws, eat a big lunch/dinner, drive back, and try to be in a condition that will get me to work on Friday, because I decided not to take the extra day off. I've got some things to clean up at the office, if nothing else, and it could be a good chance to do some extra testing. Also, somebody needs to change the backup tape, and extra days off could be handy if I ever decide to go to another anime convention.

And I never did wash the dishes after dinner... I need to do that before bed.